Live Tonight On “Here Be Monsters”

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. Eastern US time, I will discuss my quest to expose the truth behind the Canadian environmental holocaust and the creation of the documentary, “A Forest Under Siege”.

cliff on set

Click the image to go the podcast.

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Canada’s Forestry Holocaust From the Air

One the best ways to illustrate the scale of the destruction, and the absurdity of the forest industry’s “sustainability” plan, is to demonstrate it from the air.

Above is an aerial photo of hundreds of acres that have been clear cut.  In the photo below, you can see the trees have been literally ripped roots and all from the soil.  This is typical of biomass clear cutting, which uses huge extraction machines to rip the forest out of the ground, leaving only a devastated land behind, wrecking the topsoil so badly it is scientifically unclear if/when the forest will ever recover.  The tiny dots of green you see are “legacy” islands.  The Canadian forestry industry’s PR branch claims these provide seed to rejuvenate the forest and provide sufficient shelter and resources to sustain wildlife.  Any biologist or ecologist not in the pocket of Big Forestry knows better.  As Robert Bancroft, retired Nova Scotia biologist, wrote: “Current industrial-strength harvest methods degrade sites for future forests and displace wildlife. The latter find no alternative habitats.”

But Canadian forestry companies have been brilliant at playing down the extent of the harm caused by their environmental holocaust.  They are well aware these “legacy” islands are virtually useless ecologically.  They claim to replant native forests, when what they really do is reseed land with a monocrop of softwood trees selected for pulp production.  Such woods are effectively green deserts, supporting little wildlife or biodiversity.
If there is to be a green and living Canadian forest for tomorrow’s children, then now is the time to shine a light on the truth behind what they are doing.
Please help bring this to light.  Support the making of “A Forest Under Siege“.
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Wildwood Ways: My YouTube Channel On Foraging, Tracking, Homesteading & Everything Natural

For several years, readers have been asking me to begin creating videos on living with Nature.  That project began roughly three months ago with planning, and went into implementation two months ago.  I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Wildwood Ways.

Wildwood Ways is intended to become a comprehensive resource for homesteaders, naturalists, and those interested in Earth-based spiritualities.  The current segment is Wildwood Ways: Edible & Medicinal Treasures, covering helpful wild plants and fungi.  The most recent episode, on identifying and using red reishi, is embedded below. To watch more of the Wildwood Ways series, just go to YouTube and type “Wildwood Ways” or my name to navigate to the channel.

You will observe the programs are monetized.  This is to offset the cost of production (it takes about 12 hours to make a single video), but more importantly, to fund a documentary I am attempting to produce on environmental issues in Canada.

In the past, I have been a professional photographer, but that was still photography.  I had to learn to transfer those skills to videography, so please think of the first dozen or so vids as steps in learning. In time, all the topics I covered in those early “learning videos” will be redone more professionally.  After coming to understand my video equipment and the editing software, I transformed the series, aiming for a much higher caliber of professional production.  It’s still not quite fully professional, but that is mainly due to time restrictions.  Working the homestead and writing professionally leave me time to produce only one video of this caliber per week.  I hope you’ll find them informative and beautiful.  They are all shot on location, in wild meadows and woods, where the real learning of these things is to be found.

In the future expect Wildwood Ways to branch into many other topics: brewing, wildlife tracking and observation, horse training, canoeing, wilderness survival, preparing herbal remedies, cheesemaking, permaculture and sustainable forestry, deep ecology, shamanry, and much, much more.  Comments, suggestions and requests are welcomed.

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I Will Be Live On “Here Be Monster” Sunday, 6:00 p.m. E.S.T.

Click image to link to podcast.

Click image to link to podcast.

This Sunday, 6:00 p.m. E.S.T., on Here Be Monsters, hosted by Gwendolyn Holden Barry: Cliff Seruntine talks about his new book on the invaluable lessons of living well with Nature, his Wildwood Ways YouTube channel on natural science, foraging, tracking and all things homesteading, and his campaign to make the world aware of Canada’s massive deforestation.

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“A Forest Under Siege”: Indiegogo Campaign Has Begun

Canada has become dead last in environmental care among the world’s industrialized nations. We hose our farms with chemicals. We strip mine mountains to the ground for coal. We pollute an area the size of the UK for dirty oil. We are the only G8 nation that sells asbestos to Third World countries. We seize land from Aboriginals for fracking. And we lead all other nations in deforestation.

I have determined to tell the real story about this. Focusing on the massively unsustainable pace of destruction of our forests , this documentary will explore the dirty politics and backroom business alliances that are turning Canada into a polluted waste, and reveal the strategies used to hide the destruction that is occurring right before people’s eyes.

This is a story that concerns not just Canadians, but everyone, for we all must share Earth and are responsible for caring for her. But bringing this documentary to life is going to require support. The Kickstarter campaign has officially begun. It has only 30 days to raise the necessary funds to make this happen. There are many valuable and unique rewards for donors.

Please watch the 3 minute video below and feel free to share it with others.

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Please Help me Create “A Forest Under Siege”, a Documentary On Canada’s Quiet Environmental Holocaust

Over the last decade, Canada has devolved into the world’s leading deforestation nation. While the Harper administration has been quietly destroying studies, suppressing science and ordering environmental investigators not to prosecute Big Industry offenses, Big Industry has been negotiating backroom deals with provincial governments to destroy what old, ecologically intact forest remains to feed pulp mills and biomass power generators.

I intend to tell the real story about this.

I have received generous support of gifts for donors from my publisher (both my last books will be available as donor gifts, among other things). And SHARE the video with any groups or persons you believe would be interested in helping.

The Kickstarter campaign will go live on Friday, October 2, at which time it will have 30 days to put together the funds to create this documentary.

You can view the introductory video below:

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Nova Scotia’s Free Range Deception

Free ranging according to the Nova Scotia Turkey Marketing Board looks more like this.  I see neither range, nor freedom, nor abundant space, nor biodiversity, nor natural feed nor water.

Free ranging according to the Nova Scotia Turkey Marketing Board looks more like this. I see neither range, nor freedom, nor abundant space, nor biodiversity, nor natural feed nor water.

If you buy chickens or turkeys at the grocery and they come from Nova Scotia, and you want to be one of those nice people who only buy free range, you should know that NS regs on free range poultry do not ever allow the birds to actually go outside, scratch or feed off the ground, nor drink water from a brook or pond. “Free range” in Nova Scotia just means the birds are raised neck-and-neck in a big barn with windows to let in the air.

The photo below is the NS version of “free range”.

Go ahead, double check it.

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Gloaming Falls

aval blossoms sunset

The gloaming has come this balmy late summer day to Twa Corbies Hollow . . .

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Longing North . . .

caribou northFar in the north my heart lies,
among dark taiga and flaming skies,
where wolf song haunts the sea of night,
and mountain sheep keep the heights.

Far from the sun among boreal ways,
in lonely wind the taiga sways,
my Yupik brothers step the path of souls,
and a wild place makes one whole.

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The Wildwood Way: Less Than Three Months Away!

Release date is November 8!
Release date is November 8!
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