Twa Corbies Hollow School of Bushcraft & Homesteading

The midsummer super moonrise.

The midsummer super moonrise.

All our courses take place at our homestead, deep in the Nova Scotia highlands.  Stretching over a mile long, it offers settings ranging from woodlands to parklands, meadows to gardens.  The historic cottage around which it is centered is so old its date of construction has never been recorded.  The bushcraft and homesteading school is founded upon honest woodsman’s principles which the owner lived and learned over three decades of back country living in environments as wide ranging and demanding as the bayous of the American Deep South, the Mojave Desert and the Alaskan subarctic.  They are know-how must come before it’s needed, practice makes perfect, and immersion in Nature fosters a spirit of care and compassion for the natural world.

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