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8 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Maya Goodrich

    Dear Cliff,

    I prefer writing by hand, do you have a snail-mail adresse I can write you at? Blessings to you and your family,

    Maya Goodrich

    • Hello Maya,

      I am sorry, but my books have made me something of a public figure, and because I also am a healthcare provider, I prefer to keep my home address private.

  2. Maya Goodrich

    That’s fine, privacy is important! I will try and come into town on a longer bout and transcribe what I wrote on paper to the web. i don’t have internet at home, and go online briefly on work breaks. One quick question, who do you order your seeds from? It sounds like we have similar weather conditions, and I,m looking into finding seed provides that are xoned to our cloder climate. Up where I live it’s between 2.5 and 3. I’ve ordered last year through Ricters, but am looking for a more northerly organic provider.

  3. Maya Goodrich

    In a nutshell…thanks for writing Seasons of the Sacred Earth, I loved it, and have translated parts(orally) to read them to my partner Bao and son Manu. We live such similiar things! We also live much from what we grow and fish, hunt, and wildcraft. I read small parts of your site on my breaks at work. My main question was how do you do it all? We find ourselves often rushed between work and the garden, and forest, often wishing we stop having to go into town to work and spend all our time living off the land. We have too many payments for that to be a reality for the moment. Also, conincidentally, I am a trained psychotherapist,(but with the change in québec’s laws recently, I can’t practise unless I go back to do my doctorate…) always been in the woods, etc. there are many similarities to our lives, and it made a warm spot in my heart to know there are other people out there along a similar northery parallel, living challenges like ours…I had written a longer letter about it, but that’s sums it briefly. (I loved you burb about the slugs…I don’t quite remember where I read it, but we were having the same) Gotta get back to work, take care and blessings to you family!

  4. Mellissa Buckley

    I pre-ordered Wildwood way from llywellyn and already got it in the mail. Just thought you should know they are sending stuff early (not complaining in the least 🙂 love this book!

  5. Dolores MacDonald

    I would like to attend your course ” Wild Food Foraging II ” in July but can’t seem to find where to sign up.

    • Hi Dolores, I have replied to you privately by email, but to sign up, just contact us by email with your name, preferred email and optional contact phone number. We prefer payment by email transfer by Interac or Tangerine, which most Canadian banks offer.

      You can contact us at

      Substitute for @


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