Pulp Plantations: Ecological Dead Zones

Over the last twenty-five years, nearly half the forests of Maritime Canada have been clearcut. This is an ecological disaster of apocalyptic scale, but as if it were not enough, the pulp cartel behind the cutting–with the assistance of its allies in government and the Department of Natural Resources–will not even allow the natural forests to regenerate. The forest is systematically exterminated and replaced with pulp plantations consisting of monocropped conifers. These now cover thousands of square miles, depriving wildlife of food and shelter and ruining the forest’s ability to purify air and water as well as absorb atmospheric carbon which is a causative factor in global warming.

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One thought on “Pulp Plantations: Ecological Dead Zones

  1. It is awful. In the UK, there is at least a glimmer of hope in that the Forestry Commission appears to have begun to reverse its policy of planting conifers everywhere and, at least in areas I have been recently, after cutting the conifers they seem to be allowing the natural forest to regenerate.

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