September: Bushcrafter Camp

Location: Northeast Nova Scotia, Twa Corbies Hollow, approx. 1 hr from New Glasgow and Antigonish

Date & Time: September 15, 16 & 17, 2017.   Arrive Friday to setup camp, events start 0900 Saturday and conclude 1800 Sunday.
Cost: $100 per person

Equipment Required: Warm to cold weather outdoors clothing for wet and dry conditions, and waterproof, insulated hiker boots.  Also mandatory: sleeping bag, sleeping pad or cot.  Also bring any other personal outdoor gear and toiletries you require. Recommended: knife, binoculars and camera, tent or camping hammock.

Campfires: Campfires will be permitted in designated fire rings..

Level: basic to advanced


Base Camp One: spending the night as we prepare the site.

Let’s have some fun!  That’s what this class is meant for.  We’ll pitch camps, make fires, share tales and enjoy the warm days and brisk nights of the Maritime woods in September.  On Saturday we’ll start the day tracking wildlife and spend the afternoon carving camp essentials.  On Sunday we’ll experiment with some bush cookery and test the pros and cons of various cooking methods: spit cooking, cooking with hot stones, cooking coals and ash and more.  We’ll also explore the making of traps to get food with basic materials.  Nights will be relaxed around the fire with lots of opportunity for sharing and stories.  Things to expect this weekend are:

  • Effective fire starting in any weather
  • Carve anything you need with three tools
  • Is it going or coming–learning the basics of tracking
  • Fish and wildlife traps–how to make them when you need food
  • Staying sharp in the field–how to sharpen and care for your tools
  • Campfire and trail stove cooking.

Dawn in the western woodlands during an autumn deer hunt.

This is the course to kick back, enjoy nature and learn something in good company.  We hope to see you here.


Friday: Arrive and set up camp.


0900  Tracking and interpretation of wildlife behavior
1200 Lunch
1300 Carving–the key to making what you need
1700 Dinner
1800 Bonfire


0900  Improvised traps
1200  Lunch
1300 Make a fire any time
1400 Bush cookery–a demonstration of methods to make a meal
1700 Dinner–let’s eat what we made
1800 Conclusion

This course will take two days and take place at Base Camp One of Twa Corbies Hollow School of Bushcraft & Homesteading.  The site is easily accessed in the woods off a seldom used dirt road.  A nearby stream provides abundant water and springs and woods in proximity provide great learning opportunities.  This is a relaxed for-fun course.  For a more serious exploration of survival the August course in the course menu above.

Camp food preparation over a wood stove (pictured above right) or over a fire is a rewarding skill to develop.

We will set up a couple lean-to’s or tipis, though it is suggested students pitch their own camps in designated areas.  Persons will be responsible for their own meals and beverages.  Persons must bring their own bedding.  Be prepared for cool weather and possibly rain.  Usually the Hollow is pretty free of flying biting insects in September but that can vary, so bug repellent is recommended.

Your teacher: Author and naturalist, Cliff Seruntine, is a certified psychotherapist, shaman, horseman, and fiddler. He is also a veteran of some of the most rugged wilderness on Earth–the Alaskan bush–where he dwelt at a remote cabin for many years.  Cliff now resides on a homestead in the Nova Scotia highlands and brings a polymath, spiritual perspective to Nature experiences and decades of wilderness living know-how to his courses.

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