Advanced Foraging Class–August 2017!

coral mushroom small

A coral mushroom. They can be delicious, or make you regret eating them. Do you know how to tell?  Click the image to learn about the class.

Did you know that if you learn the process of taxonomy and telltales, the number of plants you can forage goes from a handful to tens of thousands. For example, if you learn how to differentiate the mustard family, you have added over 80,000 species to your list of forage plants.  Likewise, learn to distinguish the bolete fungi and the telltales that tell you if they’re edible, and you can safely forage many species of Maritime mushrooms.

In this advanced class, we will take an in depth look at plant and fungus taxonomy, the use of telltales, and reinforce it all with daily field expeditions to give students opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.

Classes are kept small to give each student personal attention.
Only one month away. Register soon!
Twa Corbies Hollow Homestead & Bushcraft School is located in semi-remote northeast Nova Scotia, roughly one hour from Antigonish.
Click the image for full details:
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