Learn About the Environmental Holocaust That Is Canadian Forestry

Over the last two decades Canada has devolved to be the world’s leading deforestation nation. Loggers in British Columbia push into protected old growth rainforest and even attempted to clear cut the ancient trees of near legendary scale at Castle Grove on Vancouver Island. The huge province of Ontario has less than .07% forest over one hundred twenty years of age remaining in any accessible southern region, yet loggers have pushed heavily into what little remains, going after the Temagami and anything else they can reach by road or water. In the Atlantic provinces, there is virtually no old growth forest remaining. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have less than 1% of their original Acadian forests, and while New Brunswick sports a bit more, it is under constant threat. Indeed, in the past twenty years, a quiet environmental holocaust has begun in the Maritime provinces, with government consistently catering to the demands of Big Industry for wood pulp and more recently for the biofuel fiasco–literally burning the forest for power.

This documentary in the making will tell the story of Canada’s beleaguered forest. Focusing especially on the damage done to the unique Acadian woodlands of the eastern provinces, a genetically rich region where temperate and boreal biomes meet, we will explore the hidden damage Big Industry doesn’t want you to see or know about. We will delve into a decade of backroom deals that have allowed an ecological holocaust in Canada’s three Maritime provinces. And we will explore the dirty politics that have been used to silence the scientists, naturalists and environmentalists who would speak out against this.

This will be the untold story of Canada’s forests under siege, and it is a story that must be told.

Become aware, and make a difference.  Please donate to help make this a reality.  Learn more by watching the brief video below:

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