Twa Corbies Courses

Every year we offer courses on bushcraft, homesteading, self-sufficiency, greener living, woodscraft skills and shamanism.  Hold the pointer over the menu to see what’s coming up.


To protect our privacy, we do not disclose the exact location of Twa Corbies until a client has entered into a training contract. We are in Atlantic Canada, less than four hours drive from an international airport.  Twa Corbies is semi-remote but accessible by road.


4 thoughts on “Twa Corbies Courses

  1. David Hardy

    I would like to learn more about courses you offer. Just read your blog entry on animal massacre by humans and your thoughts on politicians…. Wow!! Me, 67 yr old retired social worker, Certified NLP Practitioner and have a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, passionate about Homeopathy; also a gittar playin’ singer songwriter; and mad ranter on social inequality. I began to think I was a jaded oddity. Found you searching info on woodland fungi.Lived in the bush as a kid. Horse and meadow mushrooms are the only two I have been certain about. Have always wanted to become knowledgeable. Just started harvesting chaga. I live near Digby, NS; and believe I have some %age of 1/4 Mi qMaq ancestry, tossed with French, German, Irish. Typical of anyone who traces their North American origin to the Invaders first contact. Want to assume a self sufficient life style. Blessed, I believe with longevity genes that demands physical labor. Also inoculated with the ,”wordy” gene. A trait of my dad and sibs.

    • David, you might want to check my alternate website:

      It has more detail about self-sufficient living, as we teach courses on both bushcraft and homesteading as well as shamanry. I have a wild food foraging class coming up in June and a Bushcraft 101, intro to bush living, class coming up, too.

  2. David Hardy

    I have had Grohmann knives for 30 years or so; a game skinner, that someone lost???; and an original Survival knife that after two custom blade thinnings is my favourite in the bush for shelter ,etc A decent deer skinning and processor, too. Have you tried this long time favourite of military tactical unit , Cliff.
    Although my recent late great go to knife was a Schrade Old Timer gifted to me about 60 years ago. It was nothing short of amazing. Their replacements are just ornaments.

  3. I have two Grohmann S4 knives, David. They are good skinning knives,and I’ve used them to render several deer, a lot of rabbits and grouse, and hundreds of chickens. For all that, I would not consider the Grohmanns ideal bush knifes, partly because of their use of 4116 stainless for their stainless blades, and partly due to the thin blades, and primarily because I find the hilts awkward to hold an anything but a choked up position.

    I lean toward a three blade combo in the bush: large bowie, small knife and a hatchet or small axe. I like my knifes to have thick, stout spines and substantial hilts. My all time favorite knife is the Cold Steel Trail Master bowie, and if I had to have just one bladed tool on me, it would be the Trail Master. It’s a very substantial knife that can do about anything in a pinch. For a small knife, I am fond of the Becker BK17. I also recently bought a SOG Tech Bowie which is about between large and small size at 11 inches long. It’s made of AUS8a stainless which is nice when it’s wet, and comes with a kydex sheath that must be worth $50 by itself. But the Trail Master is hands-down my favorite.

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