Elderberries & Their Uses

The elderberry is a plant of almost mythic standing. Said to be the source of wines of the faeries, essential in the making of many grape wines, and much prized in Europe as a cordial and pastry ingredient, the elderberry can be tough to find since it is selective about where it grows, but if you are fortunate enough to find it, it provides abundantly and a forager can harvest dozens of pounds in a short amount of time. Learn how to identify this delightful forageable and some of its many uses as both blossom, berry and even musical instrument.


5 thoughts on “Elderberries & Their Uses

  1. Suzy Trimmer

    So interesting… I am fascinated by elderberries. Thank you Cliff.

    • You’re welcome, Kim. They are fascinating plants and so useful. We drink elderberry wine almost everyday thanks to the local abundance in our forests and glades, anywhere there is a sunny streamside.

      • Suzy Trimmer

        I’m fascinated with non-alcoholic herbal drinks (although tinctures made with alcohol are still okay for me) Elderberry cordial is mentioned in this video- is that alcoholic?

      • It can be. It depends how you choose to make it and how you define cordial.

  2. Suzy Trimmer

    I’m excited to try sun-mint water as you mention in Seasons of the Sacred Earth. We just put in some chocolate mint a few weeks ago. If you have a post somewhere about other herbal water or soda recipes I’d love to discover it.

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