Eureka Sequoia Outfitter SQ4 Tent

The Eureka Timberline SQ, a four man guide quality tent that's worth every penny.

The Eureka Timberline SQ Outfitter, a four man guide quality tent, based on the long popular Timberline model, that’s worth every penny.

  • New generation Timberline tents. More room, more strength, same reliability!
  • Featuring new DAC aluminum frames. DAC is the best frame manufacturer in the world.
  • New DAC frame provides 24% more internal head and shoulder space and better stability.
  • Two doors each with one attached vestibule for foul weather entry and or covered storage area.
  • 1500 mm coatings fly and floor. Uses heavy duty floor fabric!

For many years I have been a fan of Eureka’s higher quality tents.  Eureka gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and since so much of my life is in the rugged outdoors, I look for that bang.  I want equipment that will hold its own yet not cost so much I am afraid to use it.  The last tent I bought was a light backpacker’s model, and that Eureka tent is still going strong nearly twenty years later.  What works and what’s affordable is what matters.  And this tent does it in spades.

Airy and spacious, Daphne and I both could camp indefinitely in the Eureka Outfitter.

Airy and spacious, Daphne and I both could camp indefinitely in the Eureka Outfitter.

The tent is a spacious four man tent.  Its dimensions are roughly 8’7″ x 7’1″ x 5′.  It is wide enough that you could, if pinched, squeeze six persons into it for emergency shelter.  It can certainly sleep three or four comfortably.  My wife, Daphne, and I use it when weight is not a real concern (as when canoeing or traveling by horse) and want something a little more spacious than my backpacker tent.

The spacious vestibules keep gear gear handy and dry without requiring you to bring it in the tent.

The spacious vestibules keep gear gear handy and dry without requiring you to bring it in the tent.

The fabric of both tent and rain fly is very heavy and durable.  No compromise was made on the zippers which are equally durable.  The waterproofing above and below is excellent.  We camped in it two weeks ago from the time of this writing and a downpour fell all night.   The fly kept the tent bone dry from above, and the thick flooring kept it bone dry from below.

Though this model looks like a mere pup tent, it is self-supporting.  A brilliant cross bar addition over the center post spreads the tent and fly broadly, enhancing inner space and assuring air space between the fly and tent, which enhances its waterproof capacity and keeps the tent airy, even with the fly up.

Spacious vestibules are available front and aft, providing lots of room to keep gear dry.

I bought this tent during a close-out for a mere $200 CAN, apparently because the forest green color was not popular.  It’s price is about $359US from the Eureka website.  You can find it for a bit less from many dealers.  Or, if pinched for funds, you can still get the Eureka Timberline ordinary model, made with lighter materials, for around $100.  It’s still a good design, but the materials are not as tough, the fly coverage not as thorough, and without vestibules.  But if you can save a little extra for the Outfitter version, and don’t mind a few extra pounds for the extra durable materials and large fly, it’s worth every last penny and will pay for itself over many years.

You can view the current version of the tent at Eureka’s website.


2 thoughts on “Eureka Sequoia Outfitter SQ4 Tent

  1. Fallon Wilson

    We picked up a Eureka camp kitchen tent for 5$ at a Goodwill warehouse store. it is amazingly tough. We had it up all summer long, no leaks, no fading, no rips in the fabric. The tent has to be about 15years old by the time we got it. Eureka definately makes good tents

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