TCH Customized Bushcraft Knife

jaa_0599-edit-edit_large_Students have often remarked on a fairly distinctive knife that I nearly always have with me during courses, and many have asked where to buy it.  The knife is the Tops Pasayten Lite Traveller.  Based on patterns used by pioneers and coureurs de bois in the 18th and 19th centuries, it mostly closely resembles the large trade belt knife of French woodsmen in upper Canada.

The Pasayten brings together the imminent utility of the old design with some very useful features of modern knifemaking.  The handle’s scales are black linen micarta, so they won’t hold water or decay.  The steel is 154cm, a modern super steel that offers great corrosion resistance yet resharpens handily and throws good sparks on a firesteel.  The balance is exquisit and the weight, at 7.6 oz, is light enough for bushcrafting yet beefy enough to split kindling or sever joints of deer with confidence.  The 5 1/4″ blade offers a 4 7/8″ cutting edge, so there is a sufficient buffer to neatly resharpen it, and ample heft and size to serve as a light defense tool.  The spine is 0.13″ and the grind is flat, making the knife stout but keeping it light.  The blade is a drop point right in the medium size range, making it extremely versatile for tasks as varied as fileting fish, gutting hares, carving hearth boards, or shaving kindling.  The handle is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used with good traction and ergonomics in all positions.  Combine this knife with a good hatchet or small forester’s axe, and you have a complete set of woodsman’s tools that can see you through weeks in the wild.

pasayten 2The sheath is one of the best I’ve ever seen issued with a knife.  A form fitted, durable kydex clamshell with an adjustable clip, the sheath attaches handily to any pocket, a belt, or the inside of a backpack’s pocket.  It is easily the handiest sheath I have ever had.  Just clip and go.

“Twa Corbies” is old Scots-English for two ravens.  The ravens are the emblem of our homestead and bushcraft school, and derive from Norse myth where they stand for thought and memory, or knowledge and wisdom.  The blade of the TCH Pasayten is laser engraved with this powerful image, a reminder of what it takes to live well with the natural world.  With proper use and care, these are extreme quality knives that should last more than a lifetime.

This year, for the first time, we are offering a Twa Corbies Hollow customized version of the Tops Pasayten.  Each is warranted for life by Tops against defects in materials and workmanship.  The Pasayten retails at $225 US or $266 CAN, but students at any of our classes can purchase one for the special price of $198 CAN + S&H.  Or you can pick it up at your class and save the S&H.

Email if you would like to place an order.

tch pasayten

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