Conifer Plantation Vs Healthy Woodland: Comparing Spoor and Fungi Biodiversity

Let’s take a nature interpretative walk through two very different woodlands that grow side by side. One is a planted conifer plantation for the pulpwood industry, the other a true wildwood. We’ll have a little fun and examine some interesting edible and medicinal fungi and wildlife tracks, but our real goal is to compare and contrast these two very different kinds of forest environments. A healthy forest is one that has an abundance of life and a broad biodiversity. This might most readily be seen in the amount and types of fungi we’ll encounter in one forest vs. the other.

The reason we are comparing conifer plantations to wild hardwood forests is because Big Forestry is cutting down and replacing native wild woodlands with these pulpwoods. The rate this is happening is escalating rapidly. So fast, in fact, that native Acadian forest in east Canada is now an endangered ecosystem. (You read that right: the entire ecosystem is now endangered). All the while, Big Forestry, such as Forest NS, is intentionally misinforming the public by telling them they replant and restore the woods after they clear cut them. But, as you will see, the conifer plantations they replant are in no remote way like the healthy, biodiverse wild woods. And an immature forest can in no way replace a mature forest.

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