What Is the Pulp Industry Really Doing to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Forests?

Last week, I attended a meeting between Northern Pulp and the Truro Chamber of Commerce in central Nova Scotia.  The Northern Pulp bunch waxed eloquent for half an hour about all the money they pump into the local economy.  They stated they employ 339 people and spend $31 million paying them.  They stated that averaged out to $83,000 salaries (a significant error in the actual average).  They stated they exported some 6325 tons of pulp per week.  They stated they put $10 million in taxes into federal and provincial coffers each year (and that’s one hell of a tax break).


65% of the woodlands surrounding Matatall Lake in central Nova Scotia have been recently clear cut and a toxic algal bloom immediately followed.

They did not go into the woodland lakes now dying and turning green with algal blooms due to massive clear cutting.  They did not discuss the impact of cutting down native Acadian hardwood forests and replanting them with mono-crop conifer plantations.  They did not discuss the impacts of such widespread destruction of Earth’s second best carbon capture device: mature forest.  The pretended ignorance on the impact of spraying the woodlands far and wide with glyphosate to kill native herbaceous foliage and hardwoods. They entirely skirted discussing the true cost of their industry to taxpayers after the enormous government subsidies to keep their plant operating, or the cost to the health system as the people of Pictou County have to breathe the air and drink the water suffering vast pollution from their pulp plant.  The did not even touch upon the millions of liters their plant draws from the small local river per day and the utter destruction that polluted water has created where it is dumped: Boat Harbour.

I think it’s time to let the world know what the pulp industry is really doing to Nova Scotia.  There will be a long series of brief, revealing videos on what is really going on. They aren’t pretty, but the world needs to know.  And Nova Scotians and New Brunswickers need to open their eyes.

The scale of the damage was even larger than I thought it was, as revealed in this aerial footage below.

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One thought on “What Is the Pulp Industry Really Doing to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Forests?

  1. David

    Thanks for all the info, Cliff. True cost, indeed. The Almighty Economy cult is alive and well in NS.

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