LENORE ZANN: Woodlands spraying program throws caution to the wind

From an article by Lenore Zann:

“I even asked the minister questions about this problem in the House last spring and she gave me no tangible response as she felt it is not her duty or that of her department to protect the environment — only to “regulate.” It would seem the main mandate of the department is now to allow industry to get away with doing whatever it wants.”

Notice what Margaret Miller, Nova Scotia’s utter failure of a Minister of Environment (some say she should be dubbed Minister of Exploitation) says: It is NOT her’s nor the Department of Environment’s responsibility to protect the environment, only to regulate.


Marge might want to read her department’s mission statement. Here’s the FIRST LINE!  Click the image to see the Nova Scotia Dept. of Environment’s full mission statement, because someone needs to be informed.  Margaret Miller sure isn’t.

Well, Marge, what exactly are you good for?  Seriously, what the hell is that load of sophistry supposed to even flippin’ mean?


Maybe one of Marge’s many advisers might advise her of her department’s mandate–it’s right in her own department’s mission statement.

Nova Scotians, the mystery is resolved.  Now you know where Marge is coming from and why her department is an utter failure at its mission, which is to protect Nova Scotia’s land and people.  Margaret and her paymaster, Premier Stephen McNeil, feel their obligation is to big business.  Nova Scotians are just the pawns that get in the way of their grand corporate dreams.

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5 thoughts on “LENORE ZANN: Woodlands spraying program throws caution to the wind

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  2. I clicked the image, but it led to no article. I’m guessing the link is missing?

  3. Never mind. When I refreshed the page, it was there along with two other images I hadn’t seen the first time.

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