You Should Tour Nova Scotia Today!

This year, treat your family to the Nova Scotia experience.  You’d have to go to China to see nature like this.


Immerse yourself in the logging genious of Watson Mill Bridge State Park, where portions of old growth forest have been gently cleared to make way for log loading trucks.


Visiting hikers can stagger through the stumplands, a new craze the director of Northern Pulp is certain will replace mountain climbing.


Touring families can stand in freshly replanted clearcuts and enjoy a cooling spray of glyphosate from passing pulp company helicopters.


Wildlife watchers can marvel as displaced animals try to find food and cover in irrelevant dots of habitat kindly left behind by the concerned folk at ForestryNS.


Aerial tourists can enjoy spectacular panoramas of clear cuts to the horizon.  See the land unspoiled by tree pollution.

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10 thoughts on “You Should Tour Nova Scotia Today!

  1. Suzanne Skipton

    Thank you Cliff, this should be interesting, especially if we can get it out there. NS prides itself on tourism, this might be an eye opener if it gets out there.

  2. Annie Thériault

    Well done!!!!

  3. Cliff: Well Done These powerful images depict an all to familiar failure of our Environmental “custodians” to provide stewardship to our provinces resources. There are many current and imminent similar examples playing out. This awareness you have started needs to be communicated as broadly as possible. The public apathy that the government relies on, is our challenge. Awareness is the solution.
    Please, everyone help get this message out and save this beautiful resourceful province for all, especially for the sake of our children and grandchildren
    If not, as I often sign out “Farewell to Nova Scotia

  4. Melissa Sander

    Wow. Thanks for the information. Well done.

  5. Kim Lipscomb

    Brilliant! Send to Chronicle Herald???

  6. chris lipscomb

    ignorance can be cured with regular injections of knowledge….stupidity is a birth defect .irresponsible destruction of nature to satisfy greed is just plain STUPID.

  7. excellent panorama of the wilds of NS. thanks for sharing with us these historic treasures of clear cutting and barrenness.

  8. Cherdin

    Thank you so much for taking you time to put this awareness together in one spot.

    • I really wish I didn’t have to spend time on this, but our government couldn’t care less about this and ForestNS has not the slightest concern for the environment and is very happy to bald-faced lie about everything they do.

  9. Lloyd Hines should rot in hell

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