Trudeau & McNeil; Deception & Ecocide

cameron blockedUnder Harper, business was king. Money was god. And any environmental problems that got in the way of making money were shuffled under the carpet. Federal environmental investigators were quietly silenced simply by not assigning them cases. Scientists had their research destroyed and their jobs threatened.

During the Harper era. the Nova Scotia NDP and Liberal governments each worked in collusion, allowing the spraying of woodlands with glyphosate and the expansion of fish farms and pushed for fracking.

Yesterday, the NS provincial Liberal government approved the use of glyphosate on Nova Scotia forests again. On the same day, CBC news discovered that in New Brunswick the top researcher on the impacts of glyphosate was silenced by sending her on “mandatory, unrequested leave” during the time the approvals were done.

When persons have asked NS Minister of Environment, Margaret Miller, about her “research” showing glyphosate to be safe, she has blocked them. But screen capture covers a multitude of sins.

Harper may be gone, but under the federal and provincial Liberal leaders, the dishonourable Trudeau and McNeil, it’s business as usual as our provinces continue their traditions of ecocide and lying to the public.  Once again, in the name of Monsanto.

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One thought on “Trudeau & McNeil; Deception & Ecocide

  1. That doesn’t sound good.

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