The Anti-Civilization Movement–They Never Get Us

earth mother resist 2The Anti-Civilization movement . . . people never get us. Often, they’re afraid of us. At best, they don’t understand us and regard us with suspicion.

I’ll try to illuminate you. We aren’t violent. We aren’t going to war or going to become anarchist terrorists because we don’t believe humans organize good societies much beyond hunter/gatherers. Ergo, we aren’t going to fight for any human systems.

We often seek to escape humans and every trapping of civilization. We have a strong dislike of civilization and people, though we tend to like individuals well enough.

We tend to be either strongly politically active or absent, rarely between, and rarely from motives that most persons are going to understand. We have no political ambition and we aren’t trying to better civilization. We see it as a 5000 year failed experiment that humans keep doing, so our main interest is limiting its harm. Once that’s done, we’ve had enough of the failed game that is politics in every flavor.

People often tell us (more often yell at us) that we shouldn’t give up on civilization. We recognize that civilization has wrought more harm on humans and the environment than the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, and its only getting worse. So when you tell us we shouldn’t give up on civilization, to us it’s like hearing, “Let’s keep playing with the nukes til something good happens.”

We’re typically anti-tax. We don’t really need civilization. We don’t want it. But we’re forced to pay for the experiment.

While we don’t wish harm on others, we’ll be glad when the civilization experiment is done. We don’t need it, we won’t miss it and it’ll be better for Earth and humans as a whole when it’s gone. You might think of us as optimistic apocalypsists.

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5 thoughts on “The Anti-Civilization Movement–They Never Get Us

  1. Cynthia HamblinPerry

    Agree! We have a similar feeling. Just sold our home and looking for more land and further from people too! So enjoy your blog, you tube and books! So nice to run into like minded individuals – most folks think we are nuts to want to move further out!

  2. You might be interested in wildism, Cliff. I’d like to get into contact with you if you are. Try my twitter or my email (available on the wildism website):

  3. “…optimistic apocalypsists” …nice!

  4. David of Burkwood

    Yes, the older I get, the more disenchanted I become with even the Middle Ages, seeing them as merely the last time one could possibly enjoy an unblemished earth – the beginning of the end. Now, my heart turns more to the stone ages.

    Well stated, pal.

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