Wildwood Ways: Forage of Back Roads & Waste Places

In this episode, we’ll take a walk down a typical back road like you might find anywhere in east Canada or New England and discover some of the abundant and easily accessible forage available to the watchful, knowledgeable person.

Among edibles, we will cover: sweet clover, bladder campion, burdock, arctic raspberry and viper’s bugloss..

We will also cover the poisonous plants buttercup, tansy ragwort and groundsel.

And we’ll observe some wildlife.


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3 thoughts on “Wildwood Ways: Forage of Back Roads & Waste Places

  1. David of Burkwood

    Wow! What a patch of bugloss! In ten years of plant hunting, i’ve only ever seen one. Hehe. Such a cool plant! Burdock is a bienial, and apparently it’s only the stalkless first year tuber that you want. Though i’ve never actually tried a second year. Thanks for another vid, man. I’ve often wondered about the dwarf raspberry. Thanks for the insight. As always, hope all is as well at the Hollow as it is in Burkwood.

    • You can eat the burdock tuber in the first or second year. In the first year, the whole tuber is tender but small. In the second year, the tuber is enormous but has tough fibers in it. You cook the tuber then pound it to extract the edible starch. It comes out like mashed potatoes. You lose some bulk but the second year tubers are often so huge you get a lot more. I’ve seen second year tubers nearly a yard long.

      Viper’s bugloss is fairly common around here.

  2. Kim Lipscomb

    Great information.

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