Why Hillary Clinton Supporters Make Me Doubt Feminism

Over the last several months during which America’s increasingly screwed up political system wrested with its increasingly hideous selection of presidential candidates, I have watched the Right eagerly embrace a collection of religious fanatics, and a son of a warmonger, and a simple minded, narcissistic, womanizing fascist. But this isn’t about the Right, it’s about the opposing political slope, and during these ugly months I have watched the Left vie between two candidates: a man with a lifetime of public service virtually free of scandal and steadfast commitment to values, and a woman who’s entire life has skirted the edge of crime and ethics and who many–even among some of her supporters–wonder if she is a sociopath. (As a mental health expert, there is not the slightest doubt in my mind she is a sociopath).

When I recount the history of Bernie Sanders, I find a man who has been an activist all his life, who has been faithful to his wife, and who has walked an unpopular road in America, standing for meaningful causes like equality, health care and access to education without compromise to Big Corporate interests. A man who, even in the course of his campaign, refused to accept Big Corporate backing. The first man in an incredibly long time who really stood for the people of America.

Opposing Sanders was a woman who has been first lady, who tried when she was first lady to “expand the role of the first lady”, as if she could turn it into some sort of political office, and in that ongoing hunger for power and a place in the annals of history has run twice more for office. A woman who’s entire career has been plagued by scandal at political and business levels. Who has been a verbal proponent of fracking, pipelines and GMOs.  Who has walked the thin edge of the law. In this woman’s history is an amazing trail of opponents suddenly refusing to testify against the Clinton’s and occasionally dying. Who’s own husband pardoned any number of convicted criminals associated with their scandals on his last day in office. In this woman’s current campaign were a paid and volunteer internet army of disinformers and propagandists spreading lies and doubt about Sanders in the dirtiest style of American politics, and I know this for a fact because I knew several of these people.

So what is it about any of this that makes me doubt feminism? Well, first you should know I have never considered myself a feminist. If there is a philosophy I have always believed in, it’s that ancient shamanic belief that all life is sacred, all life is of equal value (no, this has nothing to do with BLM and originates decades before the BLM movement was ever thought of). Like all followers of shamanry, I believe the world is animated with spirit–that life itself is spirit–and that it all has intrinsic and equal worth. So, while not a feminist per se, I considered feminism an allied philosophy.

But what makes me now incredibly doubtful of the merits of modern feminism (at least the American flavor) is that many feminists I’ve known during this entire, most recent fiasco of a campaign and typical political series of hatchet jobs, knew of HRC’s faults. They discussed this with me in numerous venues. They were cognizant of the problems associated with her. They at times wondered if she was a moral person. Yet they would say, “But she’ll be a woman leader”, as if they made up for all of it. They threw away a man who was truly aligned with their values of equality of access to health care and education and the American tradition of a fair chance to support a Big Corporate puppet on the basis that she is female.

So, while American feminism claims to be about equality, these persons have demonstrated it is not. It is, as much as misogyny, about sexism. Sexism is a bias toward a sex, and it doesn’t matter which sex.

As I’ve said before, I will never vote for Hillary. Save your cries of, “But don’t you see? She’s the lesser evil!” The truth is, and again, I am telling you this as a mental health expert and behavior analyst, “I don’t see it.” I truly doubt whether a simple minded, hateful narcissist is a less dangerous evil than a cunning sociopath. Gender is irrelevant in my eyes, which makes me more a true feminist than the American pseudo-feminists who support Hillary on the basis that she is female. I don’t see gender. I will stand with the right person for the job, and encourage everyone I can influence to do the same.

Bernie or Jill, but never Trump or Hill.

Go Green. The DNC and the GOP are broken.

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3 thoughts on “Why Hillary Clinton Supporters Make Me Doubt Feminism

  1. Justin

    You’re absolutely right, but unfortunately the GP is barely a blip on the national radar. I became opposed to Hillary when she backed fracking and the pipeline (along, especially, with the free hand BP has had with damaging Native American culture in Canada). However, the White conservative majority is still too powerful for the progressive movement to really gain a reasonable foothold, though I think we are approaching the tipping point as that majority erodes with time.

  2. Melissa Sander

    Well said!

  3. Kim Lipscomb

    Well said.

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