The Forest Is the Forest

Wildwood Way 300 pixels 72dpi“Yet the forest was what it always was: a place of sunbeams and shadows, mysteries and secret lore, things knowable and a place to become lost in faerie tales. The forest is the forest; a home if you understand it; an alien, fearful thing if you are ignorant of its ways.”

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One thought on “The Forest Is the Forest

  1. David of Burkwood

    A great pleasure to read. One thing often unaddressed, whether for fear of seeming romantic and impractical (not tough and survival-y) or simply because it is not felt, by modern bushcrafters is the magic and enchantment of the woodlands. This is not a book of tricks for one to perform among trees, with head hunched, while beauty goes unheeded all around you. It’s a book for real woodsmen, those lovers of the sacred forest whose every action, in or out of the woods, is done with the health of the earth at the forfront of their hearts and minds.

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