Why Should You Study at Twa Corbies Hollow?


Discover Twa Corbies Hollow, a place to learn the science and art of a natural way of living. Courses include:

Wildlife Tracking & Observation
Plant & Fungi Foraging
Organic & Permaculture Gardening
Animal Training
Long Term Wilderness Survival

& other skills of good, plain living.

To learn more, look at the menu above under Twa Corbies Courses.

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4 thoughts on “Why Should You Study at Twa Corbies Hollow?

  1. David of Burkwood

    I’m enjoying being able to read your blogs, thanks to my new phone (R.I.P keyboard phone of the olden fashion). Hope all is well at the Hollow.

  2. Di

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your books and if I lived in NS, I’d be taking in all the knowledge you had to offer through your courses at Twa Corbies with regards to foraging, just love it! Living off the land is the only way to “live” IMO, I couldn’t “survive” without my own gardens and food preservation.

    • Thank you for writing. I wish you best with your gardens and food preservation. Are you on an acreage somewhere?

      • di

        Yes, Cliff, the family farm is where I plant a huge garden. Canning/preserving and gardening has been our way of life for years….my mother, her mother and her mother before that. Friends call it a hobby, I call it “our way of life”. 🙂

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