Solstice Camping Beneath the Full Moon

base camp oneNatalia and I are just back from a night in the woods. It was marvellous. Dinner was steak roasted on spits over a fire at Base Camp One in the forest east of the cottage, with a makeshift salad of ox-eye daisy leaves, plaintain leaves and wild carrot stalk. As a bright, nearly full moon rose, coyotes howled in welcome. The howls were new animals that I have not heard in the area, of deep and melodious long duration, in the manner of wolves, which makes me think more grey wolf genes are finding their way into the local packs.

yarrow and cutI slashed my finger pretty good while foraging, and it was a bleeder. But that provided a great opportunity to demonstrate what an effective styptic yarrow is, as some chewed and pressed into the wound stopped the bleeding instantly.

redtail hawk smallWe kept a fire going til midnight and told stories, and slept in hammocks beneath the stars. When dawn came, we made a breakfast of tea with wild mint leaves and boiled eggs. Then we located the nest of a fledgling redtail hawk. While the angles were not right to capture imagery of the young one, I was able to get some great footage of the parents coming in to feed it. I could fly a drone over the nest later today but I won’t risk distressing the animals like that. But I will sneak and put a zoom camera with directional mic there later and try to catch some more audio footage.

Everyday in Nature is magic!

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One thought on “Solstice Camping Beneath the Full Moon

  1. Kim Lipscomb

    Thanks, best to you. We watched our pond frogs congregating to the solstice and the full moon. Quite a chorus. The forest is alive.

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