Tracking: the Language of Animals (coming soon!)

The tales of wildlife are written in the Earth, in the spoor animals leave behind, and the tracker knows how to interpret them. With a keen autumn settling over the Canadian north woods, the land will grow soft with rain, and soon be dusted in snow. Now is the perfect time to spot, identify and interpret these subtle signs. Enter the wildwood and learn to understand this forgotten language of Nature.


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2 thoughts on “Tracking: the Language of Animals (coming soon!)

  1. Hello Cliff!

    Are you sent the book for the donation on Indiegogo?

    I now see you are disappeared from the internet. :S I hope that you are fine and everything.

    • Hello Lakatos, sadly the campaign did not reach its goal. I still intend to do everything I can to expose the crookedness and environmental disregard of Canadian forestry, but it will have to be through other media. I have not accepted the partial funding that was donated through Indiegogo, but I can’t find an option to decline and refund funds anywhere on their site. It’s absurd. I have sent them a support ticket to try to figure out how to do this. One would think it would be simple, something along the lines of a button labeled: End campaign/decline funds.

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