Why Create a Documentary On Canadian Forestry?

nova scotia forestryAround the world, people imagine Canada to be a vast land with a pristine environment, but there is an ugly truth hidden beneath the reality.  Canada is now the world’s major deforester, surpassing even Brazil for the rate at which it destroys its woodlands for profit.

In the image right is Nova Scotia forestry at its typical. People still have this romantic notion of stout loggers with saws going into the woods to ply their trade, but a scene of modern logging is more like a nightmare tableau from a Terminator movie. Giant machines go in and cut and rip the trees right from the ground. Here you see a mature stand of hardwood being cut and destroyed for a few dollars per acre. The true value of old forests, and the sustainable, long-term, higher profit jobs that can be created from them, has not yet even crossed the minds of Nova Scotia’s endless parade of incredibly myopic and dim policy makers.

hidden clear cutForests are cut in remote and accessible regions, but the forest industry has become adept at hiding the damage.  Taking advantage of elevation and using narrow cosmetic hedges to hide the devastation, they clear cut mature forests at rates far exceeding reason or even sanity.  In the image left, a mature forest being cut to the ground right beside a major highway. But from the highway (Pictou County, the 104 highway in Nova Scotia) you would never see it because the cut is hidden by elevation. Get off the road and go up a couple hundred feet, and the damage becomes obvious.

Now, if you think what you see in this image is bad, imagine the other side of that mountain where the clear cut mature forest is not in plain view and loggers are free to do as they will.

The Canadian forest is destroyed to feed so called “green energy” biofuel plants, which have nothing to do with green or sustainable energy, but are rather inventions of Big Industry.  These power plants burn the forest itself.  It is also done to feed Canada’s slough of pulp mills, which grind the forest to pulp to use for paper, toilet paper and fuel for pellet stoves.  These nineteenth century-minded unsustainable industries are barely profitable any longer, but they are heavily subsidized by government through gifts and grants and exemptions, meaning the taxpayer is on the hook for keeping these dead business models going.

So much of the Canadian forest has been cut that some provinces have been turned into little more than pulp farms with less than 1% of their mature, old forests remaining.  It is hard for wildlife to find room to exist any longer and yet the cutting goes on, unabated, worse than ever.  And this is why the truth must come out.  To learn more, please follow the link below:

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