Canada’s Forestry Holocaust From the Air

One the best ways to illustrate the scale of the destruction, and the absurdity of the forest industry’s “sustainability” plan, is to demonstrate it from the air.

Above is an aerial photo of hundreds of acres that have been clear cut.  In the photo below, you can see the trees have been literally ripped roots and all from the soil.  This is typical of biomass clear cutting, which uses huge extraction machines to rip the forest out of the ground, leaving only a devastated land behind, wrecking the topsoil so badly it is scientifically unclear if/when the forest will ever recover.  The tiny dots of green you see are “legacy” islands.  The Canadian forestry industry’s PR branch claims these provide seed to rejuvenate the forest and provide sufficient shelter and resources to sustain wildlife.  Any biologist or ecologist not in the pocket of Big Forestry knows better.  As Robert Bancroft, retired Nova Scotia biologist, wrote: “Current industrial-strength harvest methods degrade sites for future forests and displace wildlife. The latter find no alternative habitats.”

But Canadian forestry companies have been brilliant at playing down the extent of the harm caused by their environmental holocaust.  They are well aware these “legacy” islands are virtually useless ecologically.  They claim to replant native forests, when what they really do is reseed land with a monocrop of softwood trees selected for pulp production.  Such woods are effectively green deserts, supporting little wildlife or biodiversity.
If there is to be a green and living Canadian forest for tomorrow’s children, then now is the time to shine a light on the truth behind what they are doing.
Please help bring this to light.  Support the making of “A Forest Under Siege“.
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3 thoughts on “Canada’s Forestry Holocaust From the Air

  1. I wrote about clear cutting in the Liscomb Game Sanctuary in March 2005:

    It seems nothing will be done until it is all gone, and we will be left with the remnants.

  2. jack

    perhaps SEEING it can make a difference.

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