Wildwood Ways: My YouTube Channel On Foraging, Tracking, Homesteading & Everything Natural

For several years, readers have been asking me to begin creating videos on living with Nature.  That project began roughly three months ago with planning, and went into implementation two months ago.  I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Wildwood Ways.

Wildwood Ways is intended to become a comprehensive resource for homesteaders, naturalists, and those interested in Earth-based spiritualities.  The current segment is Wildwood Ways: Edible & Medicinal Treasures, covering helpful wild plants and fungi.  The most recent episode, on identifying and using red reishi, is embedded below. To watch more of the Wildwood Ways series, just go to YouTube and type “Wildwood Ways” or my name to navigate to the channel.

You will observe the programs are monetized.  This is to offset the cost of production (it takes about 12 hours to make a single video), but more importantly, to fund a documentary I am attempting to produce on environmental issues in Canada.

In the past, I have been a professional photographer, but that was still photography.  I had to learn to transfer those skills to videography, so please think of the first dozen or so vids as steps in learning. In time, all the topics I covered in those early “learning videos” will be redone more professionally.  After coming to understand my video equipment and the editing software, I transformed the series, aiming for a much higher caliber of professional production.  It’s still not quite fully professional, but that is mainly due to time restrictions.  Working the homestead and writing professionally leave me time to produce only one video of this caliber per week.  I hope you’ll find them informative and beautiful.  They are all shot on location, in wild meadows and woods, where the real learning of these things is to be found.

In the future expect Wildwood Ways to branch into many other topics: brewing, wildlife tracking and observation, horse training, canoeing, wilderness survival, preparing herbal remedies, cheesemaking, permaculture and sustainable forestry, deep ecology, shamanry, and much, much more.  Comments, suggestions and requests are welcomed.

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5 thoughts on “Wildwood Ways: My YouTube Channel On Foraging, Tracking, Homesteading & Everything Natural

  1. Your vids are really cool, but monetizing this early isn’t a good thing to do in my opinion. You will get cents/month (correct me if I’m wrong) and scare of the new subs with ads.

  2. You need at least ~5k subs to make monetiz worth it as far as I know.

  3. Whether a video earns anything actually has nothing to do with how many persons subscribe to your channel. It depends on two things: how many people click on the video is the main factor. Bonuses are earned for every 1000 hits. And there can be bonuses if they click on an ad as well as commissions if they make a purchase through those ads.

    I had thought about whether to monetize early or later, but I prefer to be transparent in all things up front. The vids need to be monetized in order to pay for their production and help fund “A Forest Under Siege”. I’d rather just put that out there from the start. But research has shown that when companies offer a service for free, and then charge for it later on, they tend to lose a lot of customers. People develop an expectation that a service or product will always be free, and are often resentful when that changes. So it’s just easier to monetize them all from the outset.

    Besides, the videos will always be free. Persons can just ignore the ads or click to skip them.

  4. Ohh alright, maybe my knowledge on the subject was outdated. (Last time I looked on youtube vid ad prices was 3-4 years ago.)

    Some offtopic:

    I have some problems with your indiegogo campaign. It’s counts money as USD. This was a direct change? Because then everything I pledge would cost me ~30% more. :S (My local currency is HUF, one USD is 285 HUF while a CAD is 215. :S)

    Also the facebook links not working correctly on the bottom of the indiegogo page.

    • I am glad you pointed out the USD currency issue on Indiegogo. I had thought that when I registered in Canada, it would just do my account in Canadian funds automatically. That’s how Kickstarter worked. But Indiegogo has to be manually set. I’ve redone that.

      I also corrected the FaceBook link.

      Thanks for bringing these things up. I’d have missed them otherwise.

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