“A Forest Under Siege”: Indiegogo Campaign Has Begun

Canada has become dead last in environmental care among the world’s industrialized nations. We hose our farms with chemicals. We strip mine mountains to the ground for coal. We pollute an area the size of the UK for dirty oil. We are the only G8 nation that sells asbestos to Third World countries. We seize land from Aboriginals for fracking. And we lead all other nations in deforestation.

I have determined to tell the real story about this. Focusing on the massively unsustainable pace of destruction of our forests , this documentary will explore the dirty politics and backroom business alliances that are turning Canada into a polluted waste, and reveal the strategies used to hide the destruction that is occurring right before people’s eyes.

This is a story that concerns not just Canadians, but everyone, for we all must share Earth and are responsible for caring for her. But bringing this documentary to life is going to require support. The Kickstarter campaign has officially begun. It has only 30 days to raise the necessary funds to make this happen. There are many valuable and unique rewards for donors.

Please watch the 3 minute video below and feel free to share it with others.

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3 thoughts on ““A Forest Under Siege”: Indiegogo Campaign Has Begun

  1. I pladged my $70! 🙂 Good luck with this. I try to share it at a lot of places. I know a few groups who can be interrested in this.

  2. Thank you for your support, Lakotos. Hopefully word will get around. I am letting people know, but Kicstarter is all new to me.

  3. Kickstarter is great but a bit tricky. if you can’t pledge the estaminated amount then you don’t get anything and usually if you don’t get the 60% of the money in 4-5 days it not going to work out. (Thats pure statistics by the way, miracles can happen but it’s rare.) Tired to post it in various groups and post ti to people who care about the environment but nothing really happened at teh moment. Maybe it will change.

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