Please Help me Create “A Forest Under Siege”, a Documentary On Canada’s Quiet Environmental Holocaust

Over the last decade, Canada has devolved into the world’s leading deforestation nation. While the Harper administration has been quietly destroying studies, suppressing science and ordering environmental investigators not to prosecute Big Industry offenses, Big Industry has been negotiating backroom deals with provincial governments to destroy what old, ecologically intact forest remains to feed pulp mills and biomass power generators.

I intend to tell the real story about this.

I have received generous support of gifts for donors from my publisher (both my last books will be available as donor gifts, among other things). And SHARE the video with any groups or persons you believe would be interested in helping.

The Kickstarter campaign will go live on Friday, October 2, at which time it will have 30 days to put together the funds to create this documentary.

You can view the introductory video below:

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8 thoughts on “Please Help me Create “A Forest Under Siege”, a Documentary On Canada’s Quiet Environmental Holocaust

  1. There is no way to get only Wildwood Way signed? I already have the Seasons of the Sacred Earth. I would give it away happily as a gift but I’m a hungarian, I don’t know anybody who can read it here sadly. 😦 Also do you know the shipping rates to Hungary for SotSE + Wildwood Way?

    Thanks a lot and good luck with the kickstarter! 🙂

    (Wow, CAD is soo cheap compared to USD!)

  2. Hi Lakotos,

    I am glad you pointed this out. The $50 donation was supposed to offer a signed copy of “The Wildwood Way.” I’ll fix that shortly. I was using a flat rate of $20 CAN for S&H but if you email me your postal code, I can tell you exactly what S&H will be.


    • Thanks for the fast reply.

      The $20 CAN seems resonable (it should be around that in my opinion).

      I got another questation to ask while reading the kickstarter page. When will you post the books? At 2016 september? Because thats what shown as the estaminated delivery. Thats the release date of the film or the books will be posted at that date too?

  3. September 2016 is the anticipated release time for the documentary. I could send the rewards sooner, but then I’d have to send everyone a digital copy of the documentary rather than a DVD because the cost of shipping with Canada Post is so high.

    Do you think it would be better to send rewards sooner and offer digital copies of the documentary when it’s released?

    • I personally prefer the digital distribution for films a lot more than physical copies. (Less waste, doesnt get lost, smaller shipping packages, I can read the book earlier etc.)

      Sadly I don’t know any good online distribution platform for films other than youtube but thats not good for you.

      Double shipping is not an option also because of the shipping costs, I can agree with that.

      Worst case sceriano is waiting till 2016, thats also works but digital distribution would be a bit better in my opinion. 🙂

  4. I found a way to distribute it digitally through Vimeo. So I changed all the delivery times to November, 2015 and will distribute the documentary to donors early sometime at the end of 2016.

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