2016 Herbal Almanac

Click the link to learn more about the 2016 Herbal Almanac.

Click the link to learn more about the 2016 Herbal Almanac.

I received my author’s copies a couple days ago. Looks like a good issue, covering topics from permaculture to soil flora ecology to medicinal and magical uses of herbs. Everything herbal! (Except my article, which was on mushrooms.)

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One thought on “2016 Herbal Almanac

  1. Connie Todd Lila

    Blue Moon Shadow Greetings, Fellow,

    I’ve been following your presence here, and just gratefully found a copy of your “The Lore of the Bard” on Amazon, along with “Seasons of the Sacred Earth”. I eagerly await the arrival of both books. Thank you, fellow…we both live “in the rhythm”. I am happy to add your music to my own.

    I am delighted to learn that you also contribute to the annual Witches’ Calendar. Since I first discovered them, I cannot approach my coming year without both the calendar and the datebook. (my local bookstore loves to see me come….) I keep them all; I will return to the older ones to look for your presence and wisdom.

    I also have all the Herbal Almanacs I collected since I discovered them. I eagerly anticipate the 2016 edition. I will watch for your contribution.

    My beloved partner and I also live on a Magickal Homestead ~ his legacy from his family. He is fourth-generation on this acreage in Central Wisconsin, and we husband our acres of this Magickal place that borders the Wisconsin River. It can get “lively” at times, as I probably don’t need to tell you. At certain moon times, the floor is startling with the Earth Elementals that both dart-and-scurry or simply blast across the place….”comin’ through!!!….as if they are surprised to find a dwelling right across their accustomed trail…and are “comin’ through” anyway….”. Once I get over being startled, they are laughingly fun…..dark little shadows that make you wonder if you really did see something.

    I will watch for The Wildwood Way, sir.

    And thank you for sharing your gentle lifestyle. We live a bit far away for enjoying the workshops on your homestead….instead, I enjoy looking in upon your wonderful Magickal life in this way, with your ‘net invitation.

    We also forage through the seasons here in Wisconsin. We have several carboys of black raspberry wine a’bubbling away in our ‘small kitchen’, just off the real kitchen, berries we wild-gathered. Their jewel-jelly is already sweetening the peanut butter sandwiches I take to work each day. Mushrooming is also something we live for here. Our shiitake logs give us bounty, but nothing compares to the gems we bring home from our basket-totin’ forays. The Goddess has blessed us with mitakes that would fill a bushel basket.

    Thank you for your contribution to our community, sir. Blessed Be.

    Wishing you a joyful harvest, Connie Todd Lila Central Wisconsin

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