52,056 Out of 52,059 Scientists Agree On Anthropogenic Climate Change

Singapore skyline at sunset and cracked earth

Singapore skyline at sunset and cracked earth

Powell said, “If someone says that 97 percent of publishing climate scientists accept anthropogenic [human-caused] global warming, your natural inference is that 3 percent reject it. But I found only 0.006 percent who reject it. That is a difference of 500 times.  [That’s one in every 17,352 scientists.]”  (Source article linked in photo.)

Which is to say that 99.994% of climate scientists accept anthropogenic climate change.  Often, when organizations host climate science debates, they will place a panel of one to three climate scientists on one side, and one to three climate science deniers on the other, which gives the impression that climate science deniers have equal clout.  But to have a statistically representative debate, you’d have to have 52,056 climate scientists on one side and three climate science deniers on the other.

I have found that, in general, only the determinedly ignorant, usually driven by deep conservative and/or religious motivations, and those in the fossil fuel, Big Industry and Big Ag sectors, are profoundly committed to climate science denial, often going so far as to set up pseudo-science front organizations such as the Heartland Institute and the so-called International Climate Science Coalition (“im still wondering what actual scientists are a part of this “coalition”).  These organizations tend to be very secretive about their funders and memberships.  Yet transparency is a key issue in all forms of science, and there is no real science done without transparency.  Moreover, these organizations are typically headed by persons misrepresenting themselves as scientists, such as the head of ICSC, Tom Harris, who is, in fact, an engineer and not a scientist.

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