The Colwell/Big-Ag Monopoly Scam

I had to go into town today to pick up our new truck, which was getting a rust prevention treatment. While there, I stopped at the grocer to get some things we cannot grow ourselves, like tea, and some day old bread for the livestock. I noticed the price of groceries. Unbelievable! Prices have skyrocketed over the last year alone. Some meat is triple the cost. Chocolate was 25% to 50% more expensive. Veggies are through the roof. One small chicken, 2 or 3 lbs, was “sale priced” at $18. We notice food prices so rarely because we grow and forage so much of our own food, but how on Earth do most families afford to eat anymore. Daphne and I calculated that, eating leanly and mostly buying on sale products, it must cost a typical Canadian family over $100 per week per family member to maintain a healthy diet. This is sham agriculture, people, and I know for a fact at least some of those prices are due to engineered shortages. And if people like the Nova Scotia Minister of Agriculture, Keith Colwell, have their way, it will become rapidly harder for families to get affordable food from local farms and market gardens. Colwell says it’s all about food safety. He is lying. it’s about lining pockets.

Please click on the link and join "Food Sovereignty for all Nova Scotians".

Please click on the link and join “Food Sovereignty for all Nova Scotians”.

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3 thoughts on “The Colwell/Big-Ag Monopoly Scam

  1. Not sure why I pressed “like”, for most certainly don’t… :/
    UK went through this about 30 years ago. Small farms & local producers all but went out of business overnight, replaced by factory style mass production… Couldn’t sell milk, eggs, meat, fruit or veg, unless it had been pasturised, naturalised, certified and rubber stamped by an inspectorate which knew little of what they were dealing with. Won’t recount the food safety issues that emerged over the next 20 years… needless to say, the “Food Safety” argument simply doesn’t hold water.
    In recent years, the government has begun to recognise the benefit of local grown, small scale production in terms of safe food supply, and have eased up significantly – though the red tape that goes with it is significant, the benefits sure are worth the effort.
    Good luck in the fight! Winning that war will pay dividends in lost years and hard lessons… 🙂

  2. Trish

    Hi Cliff,

    I am currently reading Seasons of the Sacred Earth. Love it 🙂 I live in Halifax and I too have noticed how much food has skyrocketed. My partner and I budget $640 a month for groceries and it’s never enough. Two people…honestly. I don’t live where I can grow anything due to lack of sunlight so I am dependent on local markets and grocery stores. It kills me to spend that much money on food.

    • It really is a real challenge, isn’t it. And, sadly, Colwell is only going to make it worse by enlarging the power of agro monopolies in the province. I feel bad for persons who are not in places where they can grow their own food. I honestly don’t know how they can afford to get by.

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