Holiday Cheesemaking Course

A pair of goats from our dairy flock.

A pair of goats from our dairy flock.

Date: December 13, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: Twa Corbies Hollow Organic Farm 45 minutes from Antigonish and New Glasgow (register for directions).
Contact Info: twa.corbies.hollow at

Are you interested in learning to make homemade gourmet cheeses? Want to create something unique and special for the holidays? Join us at our homestead, Twa Corbies Hollow, for an all-in-a-day cheesemaking course. You will learn:

  • How to select equipment and milk for cheesemaking.

  • How to make rennet, citric and vinegar based cheese curds.

  • How to transform those curds into cheeses.

  • How to preserve cheeses by salting, waxing or pickling in oil.

  • How to season and spice cheeses for sweet and zesty holiday treats.

The class will be held at our backcountry cottage not far from Garden of Eden, Nova Scotia (about halfway between New Glasgow and Antigonish and off the road a half dozen miles). Pre-registration and prepayment will be required so that we can estimate how much material we will need for the class. No special equipment is required of participants, but we suggest you bring something to write notes on.

Fee: $25

To register, contact Daphne by email at:

Our background: Nine years ago Daphne and Cliff relocated to Nova Scotia from Alaska where they lived at a remote wilderness cabin for many years, perfecting many arts and crafts of traditional self-sufficiency. Cliff is a registered psychotherapist as well as an expert tracker, wild food forager, organic farmer, horse trainer and fiddler who is best known for his books on the spiritual elements of living well with nature (see his website ). Daphne is accomplished at herb gardening, goat husbandry and many of the traditional skills of homesteading and each year crafts and preserves nearly all the food their family requires. Each year, from their semi-remote homestead, Cliff and Daphne offer courses on traditional skills of self-sufficiency.

(Due to Nova Scotia’s absurd restrictions on traditional foods, milk used in the course will be bovine milk from a registered dairy.)

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