NS Min of Ag Colwell: Working Hard to Hide an Agenda For Mega-Farms

I came across this post by Keith Colwell, NS Min of Ag, not long ago on his self-glorification page. He was trying to make it look like he was a good old boy in support of small farmers and numerous persons, including myself, pointed out that he has attacked small farmers through his actions. In keeping with his usual pattern, Colwell had those replies deleted. While William Wood (who is dearly hoping for a quota with the NS Turkey Marketing Board so he can be part of the monopoly) praised his actions, his lackey got on his page for Colwell to note that the Min of Ag’s page is not a place to discuss policy. What we, Nova Scotia’s small farmers, would like to know is where is the right place to discuss our concerns.  Colwell has let go from his staff those persons who support small farmers, deleted small farmers replies through every internet means of communication, and failed to respond in any meaningful way to any concerned person/parties who have tried to contact him by snail mail or in person regarding these matters.. As far as I can see, Colwell runs his office much the way Rob Ford ran mayoral office, which is to say you’re either on Team Colwell or against it. Actually, when I read the series of replies by Colwell’s lackey, I couldn’t help bursting out in gallow’s humor laughter. The guy is either a fool or a self-serving fool. Between him and his lackey, they somewhat reminds me of The Simpson’s Burns and Smithers.

So, Colwell’s lackey say’s Colwell is approachable. Has anyone, ANYONE AT ALL, who attempted to contact Colwell regarding the effects of his policies on small farms received a meaningful reply? Anyone at all?

colwell reply 1
colwell reply 2
colwell reply 3
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