Local Food & Farms Under Attack as NS Liberal Government Sides With Monopolies

To see the article in the Cape Breton Independent, click the image.

To see the article in the Cape Breton Independent, click the image.

EVERYONE IN NOVA SCOTIA, and in the Maritime Provinces, and in Canada–if you want access to fresh wholesome foods, if you don’t believe the government should be handing out monopolies to industrial farms and actively working to shutdown small, local farmers and food sellers, then you need to respond to this, sign the petition and let the useless Nova Scotia government know you’ve had enough.

Liberal government of NS: I suggest you pay attention because if you don’t, as the NDP discovered last election, you can easily be replaced. It’s time for the archaic Natural Products Act–which you’ve been twisting to kill small farms and enable self-serving monopolies like the Turkey Marketing Board–to be stricken. And you’re going to find more and more people siding against you if you keep pandering to big business instead of Nova Scotians. Just keep in mind, Premier McNeil, it only took a couple weeks to get 3000 signatures on this petition . Just imagine how many of us there are around the province and how significantly and how fast we can really mount pressure if you don’t act like you care.

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14 thoughts on “Local Food & Farms Under Attack as NS Liberal Government Sides With Monopolies

  1. Sherri

    This is bullshit. The government just doesn’t like that we want to eat healthy. Cause they have our foods so full of chemicals as part of there plan to kill us off so the world isn’t over populated. They as in the government love hearing another 1000 ppl just got cancer. They don’t want us healthy n strong.

  2. Shelley

    No, what they want is for all that income to be logged so they get tax dollars in their pockets, the fact that the factory farmed meat and poultry is involved likely doesn’t even wake them up

  3. Kimberlyk

    Where do we sign the petition?

    • Wendy

      Would be nice if someone could make a link to a copy to be printed off and put in more Public places for more signatures

  4. Julia Williamson

    Why is there no mention of how we can sign this petition. It would be beneficial if a link were provided

  5. Jackie

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where can I find the petition?

  6. Jamie Mackenzie

    Where can I get a hold of the petition to sign? Been looking online and can’t seem to find it?

  7. Where’s the petition?

  8. Erica

    A link to the petition would be helpful…

    • Some persons have provided links to an online petition, however, an online petition has no legal power. Only a hand signed hard copy petition has legal weight. The petition is at many feed and seed small farm stores around the province.

    • Carolyn Marshall

      Always follow the money trail. That’s what its all about. They are greedy.

  9. Oki

    Where is the petition? I would like to sign it

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