More Recent News On Nova Scotia’s Fight for Food Sovereignty

<<Lohr to Colwell: Come clean on allowing Nova Scotians to butcher their own poultry>>

HALIFAX, NS –As Thanksgiving approaches, Progressive Conservative Agriculture critic, John Lohr, says Liberal Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell needs to come clean about his position on allowing Nova Scotians to butcher their own poultry on their own property.

When challenged during Question Period yesterday in the House of Assembly, the Minister said he would not ban Nova Scotians from slaughtering their own chickens and turkeys.
That differs from comments the Minister made in the media previously. When asked whether he would make it illegal for Nova Scotians to butcher their own poultry, the Minister said “we may have no choice.”

“Why did the Minister say one thing last week and the complete opposite this week?” Lohr asked. “Either he isn’t being forthright with rural Nova Scotians about his plan to make it illegal for them to butcher their own poultry or he does not have a grasp of this file, a file which is inflaming rural Nova Scotians. Either way, Nova Scotians should be alarmed by this kind of incompetence.”

Lohr says this is an attack on rural Nova Scotians way of life and it’s hard to trust the Minister of Agriculture when his story changes so frequently.

This isn’t the first time Minister Colwell has been taken to task for being unclear with Nova Scotians.
In July, the Minister required to clarify his statements after throwing the lobster industry into turmoil by arbitrarily announcing a five cent levy on product without industry consultation.

“Serious questions are being raised about the Minister’s understanding of the agricultural and fisheries sectors in Nova Scotia,” said Lohr. “Our economy is at a critical crossroads and our resource sectors need a competent Minister at the helm. The Minister is quickly losing the confidence of Nova Scotians.”

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I am not a political person.  I make no secret that I consider most politicians inept and self-serving, at best.  But the conduct of Nova Scotia’s Liberals has caused me to lose interest in them both locally and federally.  I will never cast a vote for a Liberal in the nation of Canada, where they seem to espouse the worst of both the American Republicans and Democrats.

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