A Call to Veterinarians for Facts

The CBC ran a recent article: Turkey Marketing Board defends decision against Gordon Fraser.  In it, they stated:

Ansems says food safety comes first. She says Fraser, or anyone, worried about the cost of that, should check with the provincial government about what’s required.

“That is one of the benefits of having an inspected process. It takes the bias out of the system. The expectation between customer and business owner has been removed from it. When it comes to food safety — there are no exceptions when it comes to the cost of food safety,” she says.

I’m calling this what it is: rhetoric and propaganda packaged to sound like selfless concern.

So, here’s the call:  The NS Turkey Marketing Board states that to butcher turkeys safely, they must be butchered separate from any other species of livestock, in a separate room with sinks, tables, cutting implements, etc.  So I am asking any veterinarian outside of Canada (to avoid bias) to give your professional opinion on whether it is necessary to butcher turkey’s from any other livestock to keep them safe from bacterial infection.  Or can poultry and indeed livestock animals of different species be butchered safely in the same area if the area is sanitized between operations?

Please forward this call to any veterinarians you may know.

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2 thoughts on “A Call to Veterinarians for Facts

  1. Restaurants aren’t required to have separate preparation facilities for poultry and other meats. If cross-contamination is such an issue I would expect that no two turkeys could be butchered in the same place. After all, any harmful organism that lives on a contaminated turkey is more likely to contaminate another bird than to contaminate a different species. Perhaps it would be safer to butcher DIFFERENT species subsequently in the same facility.

  2. canadiandoomer

    I know that the Superstore butcher recently told me that *all* of their poultry comes prepackaged and that they are no longer allowed to have *any* open packages of poultry in the store. If they really are that scared about CAFO poultry, maybe this should be a huge eye opener to us regarding the safety of their meat?

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