Get My Facts Straight

SAMSUNGI’ve been receiving emails from a few persons about the NS Turkey Board’s and Keith Colwell’s plot to curtail small farming in Nova Scotia. The emails have read to the effect of: Why don’t you get your facts straight.

To them, I’d like to say: If my facts and hypotheses remain in any way unclear or in error, it is because Nova Scotia government is famous, or rather infamous, for conducting secret backroom deals biased heavily to big corporate interests at the expense of small farms and local business and private citizens.  And this time the bully they are dealing with is the Turkey Board, of all things. But if you want me to get my facts straighter, then I suggest greater transparency. Because right now all the public is seeing is a lot of bullying and backroom meetings.

Along the line of secret meetings and hidden agendas, I have uncovered a new and very interesting piece of information in the ongoing saga of this scam.  Prior to shutting down Gordon Fraser and other small abattoir’s ability to process turkeys, this spring the Turkey Board made small farm turkey buyers sign a waver that they would not sell any of their turkeys.  To my knowledge, the law for turkey farmers doesn’t apply unless they produce 25 or more turkeys.  Ergo, to my knowledge, the turkey board is attempting to enforce an authority they do not possess.  Ergo, to my knowledge, their demand that turkey poulet buyers sign those wavers is illegal.  (If anyone can actually find anything in the regs that the turkey board has the right to forbid all small private turkey transactions or even demand public citizens sign wavers, please reply to me here with it.)  And my hypothesis (which is not without precedent) is that they did this as part of a carefully planned scheme to harass and shutdown turkey processing operations at small abattoirs and push many more small farmers out of producing their own turkeys.

And, Dear Mr Colwell and Turkey Boarders, if you want me to get my facts straighter, then don’t have backroom meetings or take secret, questionable actions.  If I am totally wrong, why don’t you just step into the light and be transparent.  Otherwise, don’t waste my time telling me I don’t understand what I’m saying.  As a general rule, if something looks suspicious, it’s probably suspicious . . . at best.  You see, trust isn’t something you or anyone else is owed; it’s something you earn.  And trust is only earned by honorable behavior shown steadily over time.

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5 thoughts on “Get My Facts Straight

  1. canadiandoomer

    Are you planning to be in Truro at the NSFA’s meeting in November? I think as many homesteaders/small farmers as possible should be there.

    • I know this is an old post, but I missed it. I chose not to go for the simple reason that I already knew the NSFA has been infested with big ag interests and no longer truly represents small farmers and organic/permaculture farmers in the province. It was pointless. We need a new organization for small/organic/permaculture farmers, like they have in PEI.

      • Just Plain Marie

        I wasn’t physically able to go. But I have to admit that the reasons you didn’t go were rattling around in my mind, too. PEI has an organization for people like us? So how can we get one here in NS?

      • Marie, join the Food Sovereignty for Nova Scotia group on FaceBook, which is working toward the development of such a thing.

  2. Shelley McDermott

    Tukey board stops people from selling turkey poults heritage included without license as well.. they have more appsrent power than the government itslf!

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