NS Minister of Agriculture: On the Take for Big Industry Farming

Dictionary.reference.com defines a number of folk terms, and its second definition of “on the take” is “in search of personal profit at the expense of others”, and when a politician acts on behalf of special interest to promote his own political career, he falls under the purview of this definition.  So . . . Keith Colwell rears his ugly head, declaring he wants to put an end to small farming in Nova Scotia by forbidding small farmers from raising and butchering livestock for their personal consumption. Keith Colwell, NS Min. of Agriculture, states he wants to do this protect the public from infection.  To see the news bit in which he makes this statement, click here.  (You need to watch all the way to the end where Colwell admits he plans to go after Nova Scotia’s small and home farmers.)

What Colwell knows and doesn’t want you to know is this:

“Buying safer meat isn’t simply about choosing the right kind, not because it doesn’t matter how it is raised, but because of cross contamination in the system.  For an animal product to be legal for sale in Canada, it has to be slaughtered at a certified facility. This could be a federally certified abattoir, such as XL Foods, or a small provincial plant. Each province has different rules, but federal slaughterhouses are generally large and process thousands of animals a day. The provincial abattoirs tend to be smaller and typically cater to small-scale farmers.”  (To see the full article, click here.)

Keith Colwell is either flat out ignorant or lying through his teeth, and I am pretty sure it’s either the latter or a bit of both. The risk to public health is almost entirely through industrial battery livestock husbandry and butchering, and you can be sure in some way or another, he is on the take. Here is the real truth about the harm of big farming.  Ask yourself when was the last time you heard that dozens of people were sick, possibly dying, due to tainted meat from some industrial sized, government inspected butchering facility (like . . . oh . . . say, Maple Leaf)?  Then ask yourself when was the last time you heard that dozens of people were sick, possibly dying, from tainted meat from the livestock of a small farm, butchered by the farmer for himself and his own family?

The simple fact is, evidence-based research shows that the main danger of meat becoming infected and spreading a pathogen is primarily because currently government (in their infinite wisdom and desire to cater to big business) requires all livestock for public sale to be butchered at centralized butchering facilities.  So, when you buy ground beef, it is actually the blended meat of dozens or even hundreds of cattle.  At such facilities, even a steak has been in proximity to steaks from hundreds of other animals.  The shear illogic of this approach is staggering.  Imagine a flu bug is going around at school.  It’s like the government saying: “The best way to protect your kids from this flu is to keep them all together in a small classroom eight hours each weekday.”

Click the photo below to learn more.  I advise all readers in Nova Scotia, go to your local feed and seed store or farmers’ co-op and sign the petitions against this.  Let the government know Nova Scotians say, “No!”  Write and make it clear to them this will be the end of their political careers if they try it.


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11 thoughts on “NS Minister of Agriculture: On the Take for Big Industry Farming

  1. It’s time for small farmes and locally minded consumers to unite and take back our right to food sovereignty. Once the government has complete control of the food system it has control of everything. This is one freedom we can’t afford to lose.

  2. Robert Mader

    Under NO circumstances will I bow to this ! I have been raising food for my family and friends for twenty years with out incident ! Can the Minister make the same claim ? Not a chance . The only reason for this position he is taking is money , pure and simple , I for one demand he resign for speaking so irresponsibly and trying to destroy whats left of the small family farm !!

  3. art conrad

    I think he is really crazy, natural is the way to go

  4. Hillcroft Heritage

    There is little logic in the comments Mr Colwell spouted. Like others say, the health issues have all been produced in big facilities. I raise all my own meat and will continue to do so, it is a right I intend to fight for.

    The minister is irresponsible with him comments and should apologize and correct himself or step down and allow a minister with some brains to take over.

  5. Jane Lovely

    I think the liberal leader being from the valley he would put a stop to this. He McNeil better give Mr. Colwell his walking papers.

  6. When will it end? That’s a question I have asked myself time and time again and it seems to be getting more frequent. The federal and provincial Governments seem to have no heart when it comes to the little guy. Catering to the big producers and corporate suits at the cost of every man, woman, and child’s well being. They like to say it’s in your best interest or it’s a safety issue that you can’t understand. Cover ups for the unbelievable ignorant actions that they pull on a seemingly daily occurrence.

    We have lost thousands of workers to the amalgamation of industries around our province. Both in the agriculture and fishing sectors, big companies buying up the independent, and then closing it down eliminating that business and its revenue to local economies. Every time we lose a small business it begins a domino effect on the entire area that surrounds it. Not only the immediate loss of the workers, but also their incomes and spin off revenues to the other businesses in the same area.

    Boards set up that only cater to big business hell they are only made from big business, and it is their input only that is accepted at government levels. These boards need to be broken up, dismissed and never to be allowed to form again. They only cater to themselves; it’s all self preservation with no room for outsiders.

    This is getting real, very fast. How long will it be before all meats and vegetables are to be taken to a government facility, processed and then distributed? They say we are unqualified to feed ourselves I say they are unqualified to lead us. We need to take back our Country, our freedom, our right to self preservation.

    We need our community jobs, our spin off revenues, our support structure and family value based economic infrastructure. The big boards have stripped us of our opportunities to develop this. When will they say no more farmers markets? You have to ask the question, it’s merely a matter of time as they keep taking away and giving it to big box franchise.

    We need new government that is willing to take the power away from the corporate community and spread the wealth amongst the people who work the industries, the people who built this country. We need to take the jobs back and get our Country working again, the more people we can get back into the workforce the better we will all be. Less burden on our social programs, more tax dollars in the pot, big companies put that money in a big account that collects dust, the little guy puts that money in his local community.



    Join the Group and let’s get this ball rolling. Share it around your networks tell your friends, we will be looking for representatives from across Canada in every riding, but we can’t do it till we have support and enough willing to form the CANADIAN EQUALITY PARTY and make it legitimate. This is our opportunity to reform our government to a fair and just representation of what we really want and need.

    It can only start with you, you are the key that will start a movement.

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  8. Dale Fehr

    Demanding he resign will not solve the problem. The PROBLEM involves the revolving door back and forth from industry to government. This is what needs to stop, with no industry ties now or in the future, and especially from the past. This “experience” which gets them appointed, is just like appointing the fox in charge of the chickens, because he has “experience” eating them alive! Mr, Premier, and yes, Justin, please take note or suffer the political fallout. We, the public, are fed up with this nonsense and will hold all of the participants to account. It is time for a grass roots revolt to this type of public abuse.

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