Changes In the Works

For those folks who follow my websites, I have decided to shut down the Twa Corbies Bushcraft site. Not that I am going to stop teaching woodscraft skills–anything but. But I just don’t have time to manage two websites. All the articlesat TCB will be moved to my main site: That way they are all in a single, convenient location where you can learn about upcomiong classes, homestead activities and skills, events, and my forthcoming books and articles. The site is also closely tied to Daphne’s Wildwood Bounty website, where you can follow Daphne’s daily projects from cheesemaking to canning to goat milking and more.

Also, my primary site has just gotten too large. I have written so many articles and contributions for publication over the years, there is no room to cite them all in the section on my professional writing as it currently stands. Also, there are too many articles written for the website to easily find. Additionally, a shaman in the Mojave desert who has spent his life living by and for the land has offered to allow me to put many of his articles on my site in the section on Earth-based spirituality. Much more will be coming on natural science as well as my work in environmental advocacy. So, the site is going to be reorganized to make it easier to find articles by topic.

Follow the site and keep abreast.  Good things are coming!

Addendum: Updates completed.

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