Escaping a While . . .

canoeingIt has been an incredibly busy two weeks. Finding time to treat a goat with pneumonia, harvest 60 lbs of elderberries, continue the dramatic harvest from the gardens, and all the other homestead tasks while at the same time entirely copy editing “The Wildwood Way” according to my editor’s notes. Many, many long nights and very, very early mornings. But I do believe I have accomplished every last task on the book . . . at least until the next phase as the manuscript is prepped for publication. Now I eagerly await Friday, for come hell or high water I am getting out on some high water with my canoe. I need a campfire, and the familiar rhythm of the paddle. I’m off to the Whispering Lake . . .

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One thought on “Escaping a While . . .

  1. yea, congratulations on all your hard work
    wishing you a publisher for your other new book
    and yes, do get away, did that recently and it can be so nurturing and more

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