Kingdom of the Fungi

kingdom of the fungiFor all you folks who have been emailing me with mushroom questions: I found this book recently. I bought a copy on the spot. And I have to say, this book is a treasure trove for both novice and expert mycophiles! It contains a huge amount of information about the life cycles and identification of mushrooms, but more significantly, it has hundreds if not thousands of excellently executed full color photos of those mushrooms. I own dozens of mushroom books and some, like “Mushrooms Demystified”, contain extraordinary details of information. But they tend to lack enough photos to allow the reader to really build a mental picture. This book, “Kingdom of the Fungi”, is gloriously illustrated as well as chock full of essential information. It’s hard cover. And for a mere $30, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

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One thought on “Kingdom of the Fungi

  1. Winters Child

    Many thanks for this recommendation, Cliff; much appreciated. Like you, I have a fair collection of different fungi books, including cook books, but I end up looking through all of them just to try and get a definite ID on some fungi. Descriptions and warnings of possible dodgy specimens seem to vary considerably too. Very frustrating! And trying to find good ID courses to go on, in this part of Wales, are like finding hen’s teeth! Nevermind; I shall plod on resolutely and hope that I will get better at fungi ID in the near future! (I never touch or eat anything I am not 100% sure about. A wise policy, methinks!) Take care now and please be careful with axes in future! Good old Yarrow – always a wonderful little herb to have to hand! Best wishes & Bright Blessings to you and ‘the girls’.

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