Emergency Healing Through Herbal/Fungi Lore

White yarrow: common in Nova Scotia.

White yarrow: common in Nova Scotia.

Yesterday I sliced my hand to the bone. Well, my right index finger, really, which pretty well incapacitated my right hand. I mean right to the bone. Blood was pouring as if from a tap. I held it under water and could actually see blood gushing out with every pulse of my heart. I wrote that a knowledge of herb and mushroom lore saved me from a trip to the hospital. These are powerful ancient lores and I am going to share with you how it worked.

Immediately after cutting myself, I snagged two sprigs of yarrow on my way to the bathroom to rinse the wound. One sprig I quickly chewed up and swallowed. That thickens the blood and greatly increases its ability to coagulate. I rinsed the wound and chewed up the other sprig and pressed it directly onto the wound. Bleeding stopped in 10 seconds. How bad was it before I applied yarrow? There was a trail of drops all they way to the bathroom.

I left the yarrow on for an hour and once I felt it start to pinch (it will actually feel like it’s trying to pinch the wound closed) I rinsed it off. Then I sprayed the wound with iodine and drank a liter of chaga tea for the antibiotics, because I had cut myself with the hatchet I was using to butcher chickens and it had chicken blood on it. Chaga tea is rich with powerful antibiotics and antivirals and anti-carcinogens.

After it was dry I went to the yard, found a small, young leaf of plantain, chewed it up into a paste and pressed it onto the wound. This I packed in place and then I bandaged it. Plantain greatly accelerates healing.

How effective was this? Today, less than 24 hours later, I can type again, so you judge.

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One thought on “Emergency Healing Through Herbal/Fungi Lore

  1. Ellen Cotter

    My mum used to make a tea out of the yarrow and take it camping with us. I’ve never seen anything clot blood that quickly. She cut herself deeply across the pad of her thumb while washing dishes and it immediately clotted with the tea and was healed by the next day. The only thing you have to watch out for is that the cut is very clean or you can get an abscess.

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