Food Independence

Daphne prepares a mountain of purple and green snap beans.

Daphne prepares a mountain of purple and green snap beans.

Today I harvested wild chamomile to set aside for winter tea. I also harvested another few pounds of tender lamb’s quarter that was choking out a zucchini plant. As I went back to the cottage, I decided to stop by the Potato Patch to see if the season’s new potatoes are at last ready. The drought has slowed their growth–they are two weeks behind–but they are finally ready, so I harvested several pounds of tender new potatoes and several Spanish onions and red radish to go with tonight’s dinner.

As I walked into the cottage, I saw Arielle had decided to make tonight’s dinner and she was just rehydrating a pot of Jerusalem artichokes. I handed her the potatoes to have instead and as I was walking away, it occurred to me. This year we managed to grow 100% of our food. We were just getting to the last of the chokes when we reached the first of the year’s potatoes. If I were to put in, oh, say an eighth of an acre of sugar beets, we’d meet all our sugar needs, as well. And we have meat ready to butcher, as well, 50 of our 100 annual free range chickens, plus geese and ducks. And we have been in our own cheese and dairy since early spring.

We can be 100% food independent!

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  1. that is rather impressive and inspiring!

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