Primitive Progress

aboriginal wolves

A quick comparison of the “progress” of the modern world compared to the “progress” of the primitive world.

In the modern world of Canada a typical family or couple must work two FT jobs with an average two weeks vacation per year to make ends meet. They work all year to get a mere 3.8% of the year to themselves as vacation, which corporate overlords dole out as if bequeathing favors. If a person wants a home, it requires half a lifetime of effort to purchase. They work all their lives (til age 67 now, thanks to Harper, who made sure this rule did not apply to himself) to reach a point where they have a minimal pension and hope to be able to do what they want with their twilight years, failing to realize that the age or retirement was carefully calculated to assure a statistical average of 50% mortality within 7 years of retirement.  Along the way, they risk misery and mortality due to modern diseases such as cancer due to exposure to various toxins and the pathogen build up of overpopulation.

In the primitive world, persons worked an average of 2.5 hours per day to meet their daily needs. Once or twice per year, if they relied on a seasonal resource, they worked intensely for a few weeks to harvest that resource, i.e., the harvest of wild grain or the salmon run. They could take off and wander or pursue their interests at any time without consequence. If a person wanted a home, it could be built in a few weeks from wattle and daub or some other local resource. No one exactly retired but the village and family looked after those who could no longer work and their expectations of physical labor were reduced while at the same time, those elders became respected community members sought for their knowledge and wisdom and stories. Because population densities were low and the environment pristine, illnesses were rare, health and nutrition were far better and the average person lived as long as the modern human.

It wasn’t until about the Roman era when people began to pour into settled areas and fight over resources that the huge downturn of modern “progress” began to occur. It continues and it will only get worse because it is a losing game of greed and overpopulation combined with a personal failing to understand happiness as aspects of knowing when one has  enough and appreciating contentment.

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