Monsanto’s Head Says Organic Gardening Is Bad for Earth

Wild chives growing along the edge of the Old Garden.

Wild chives growing along the edge of the Old Garden.

It’s weeding time in the gardens. The corrupt head of the FDA (you know, the former Monsanto board officer with a vested interest in Monsanto stocks that Obama appointed to look after your food) says that organic gardening is bad for Earth, and one of the reasons is it wastes labor weeding. For the record, we weed once per summer, just to help the young crops get a start. We defeat the weeds by “dense bedding”, which is a process in which you plant two dimensionally and a little too densely. The plants grow thick and choke out the weeds. Anyway, so those weeds are one of our main crops. This week we’ve harvested sacks and sacks of lamb’s quarter, which tastes just like spinach and is more nutritious. And since it’s a weed, it costs a zero to plant it or tend it. It’s a free extra crop of organic gardening. We’ve also harvested dock, burdock, sheep sorrel, field shamrock, creeping charlie, oxeye daisy, coriander/cilantro, rosemary, wild carrot and parsnip and heaps more for canning. Tonight will feature a salad of tender sheep sorrel, daisy leaf and Spanish onion tops. All those are free crops of organic gardens. (In the pic below are wild chilves, which we leave alone now to go to seed and reproduce themselves, another effortless crop of organic gardening.)

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