Seems I Was Wrong

Guess what, people! The methodologies of traditional farming that have existed for some 5,000 years are unsustainable. And the use of herbicides and pesticides is a good thing. And it turns out fossil fuel based fertilizer is also a good thing. So is industrial monocrop farming because who needs all those pesky earthworms and honeybees. And livestock battery farming–that’s really a wonderful thing, too, because that old free range method of raising livestock is a waste of land. Apparently, these eco-friendly modern industrial farming methods are the most efficient and least damaging to the land, they don’t harm wildlife, they aren’t wiping out bees and butterflies and whole ecosystems, and it’s even a good thing to have pesticides and herbicides run off in local water systems where they can vanish harmlessly into the ether. Oh, and compost is a bad, bad thing. Tilling all that biomatter into the soil is way worse than a nice dose of chemical fertilizer and a good soil fumigation. Turns out tilling compost into the soil disturbs the soil so much that it dies. I need to go out and apologize to my gardens, especially all the dozens of earthworms that come up with every handful of my gardens’ soil. And I need to apologize to my 40×60 foot potato plot for expecting another yield of nearly a ton of potatoes this year, because surely organic gardening cannot give those kinds of yields. And I need also to apologize to my 20×30 foot strawberry plot for expecting several hundred pounds of strawberries again, because I’ve just learned that’s also impossible. Damn foolish of me to be getting those kinds of yields year after year after year when clearly the land can’t manage it with organic agriculture. Oh, and the veggie gardens–they need to know how much Daphne and I resent that they practically manage their own weeds and are virtually pest free without us pouring on gallons of pesticides and herbicides. We were so foolish to establish ecosystems around our gardens and think that the local insencts and birds and small mammals would manage the garden pests for us. I guess it is only the power of wishful thinking that it’s been happening all these many years.

Oh, and there is no difference between a gardener crossbreeding two onion varieties to make a hardy hybrid and a lab technician genetically inserting fish genes into onions. That’s good to know. I had been confused and had thought hybridizing occurs naturally in Nature while only humans played god with the blueprints of living things.

And all the helpful information in the article linked below was written for you by the kindly, warmhearted and helpful founding farther of the US FDA’s Office of Biotechnology, so of course there is no dual interest and nothing but good science and philanthropic motivation in this article. And we know where the US FDA is going, don’t we?

And I wish to the gods the punishment for pandering propaganda to the ignorant and gullible was hanging by the neck until no longer able to lie.

Click the pic and follow the link to read some amazing propaganda by the founder of the Office of Biotechnolgoy at the US FDA

Click the pic and follow the link to read some amazing propaganda by the founder of the Office of Biotechnolgoy at the US FDA

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