Home Is Where the Green is

an ideal worldIf humankind launched it’s finest rocket into deep space and it traveled a span of time as great as the entire length of human history, at the end of all those millennia of travel that rocket would only be in the middle of nowhere, not even a third of the way to the next closest star.

Earth is our home. Love her. Care for her. Despite all the hype about new worlds being discovered, we aren’t going to them. We must care for our Earth Mother or die with her.

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5 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Green is

  1. As much a part of earth, and the cosmos as I am…Scientists expect to fly(if that is the term) a warp drive craft within 5 to 10 years…they have the math right now. Learned from observing how the universe moved out from the big bang….they found a loophole in Einstines theory.

  2. There have never been observations of small warps in space-time. If you ever find an academic paper on them, feel free to post the link/s here. NASA does not remotely possess any math or physics to build a warp engine as such is only theoretical in the very most imaginative sense. I saw the hype about NASA’s envisioned “warp spaceship”. That was awfully ambitious for a space agency that hasn’t been able to so much as put a man in space since the moon landings. The so-called International Space Station, Space Shuttle, etc–those orbit Earth at about 200 miles altitude, deep in Earth’s ionosphere, not remotely even outside our atmosphere. You might think of them as high flying airplanes.

    The article you saw about a “warp drive ship” actually read that some scientists are hoping to spot subparticles with micro warp bubbles. Note that such have never before been observed in Nature. But if they do spot them, then they hope to see if they can apply that discovery to building a warp drive. At this time, it is unknown if such subatomic warp bubbles even exist, and it is less known if they can be applied in any kind of practical, meaningful way. For instance, we know for a fact fusion exists. We have no idea how to apply it to power a reactor. According to physicists, it may not be possible as containment would require more energy than is generated.

    If micro warp bubbles do exist, it is yet another matter completely whether they can be applied to any form of technology. For example. it is fairly certain that micro wormholes exist. They exist in Planck Time, which is to say they appear and vanish in the smallest measurable unit of time–a period so brief a millionth of a second would seem like an age in comparison–and where and when and to which universe they lead is unpredictable. Expanding one–presuming it’s even possible–to move a person or even some kind of small probe would require unimaginable amounts of energy. Even then, the energy required to pass through one would disassemble matter to its subatomic parts.

    Sadly, the whole bit of “warp drive” news you saw a couple weeks back is merely another red herring, to redirect people from the fact that NASA doesn’t even have a means to get a person to a satellite no further up than a car could drive in three hours if the satellite were on a horizontal plane. I suspect such articles are designed to decrease people’s concern regarding environmental issues, too, because if you can make people think that when we wreck our world enough we can just jump ship, the small minded who don’t think very far off or environmentally will figure they can carry on satisfying their materialistic lusts.

  3. That was not the article I was referring to…and the referral to NASA presenting a red herring,was worth a laugh. Or are you among the ones who say the moon missions were fake….
    While I love your writing and respect your talent, and your being a psychologist, I am not ready to accept your disregard for the scientists who say they do have the math to make this work, not my area of expertise,nor yours.
    I have much respect for the spirits of the land where I live, on the other side of the world. And for the High Gods and Goddesses of earth and sky…but no one would believe the changes hard science or the science of consciousness have brought in the last 50 rears.
    Your writing and your choice of living I truly admire. We both live in ballance as much as possable and strive for those deeper connections and understandings. But my own experiences lead me to believe there Are ways to sail the oceans between the stars and even universes. And the monkeys are going to figure a way, we are just like that…. Peace and creativity. robert

  4. Robert, I would suggest you take a look at the website listed below. It is a clearinghouse of papers written by persons researching for NASA. To create a warp field, you need to be able to manipulate gravitons. At this point, it is not known if gravitons even exist. You would also have to have a non-mass means of focusing them, and the energy to create the equivalent of a neutron star’s worth of gravitons.


    If you read physics papers–which I do–you will see that there is no “math to make [warp drive] work” let alone build a warp ship in the next five or even 500 years. The entire field is theoretical. There are no physical equations to express how a warp drive will work. There are a number of theoretical physics equations that attempt to postulate how such might work. Micro warp bubbles, which are essential to make this idea work, like tachyons, have never been observed in Nature. That is just reality.

    Lastly, please do not presume to limit the areas I may comment on. I was attending universities and studying cosmology before most boys were contemplating kissing their first girlfriend. Because I have chosen a more spiritual path than research and academia does not limit my scope of knowledge, it gives it depth. I’ll decide my areas of knowledge.


    • No intent actual or implied to limit what you may decide to present. That would be totally unreasonable, and I am sure you feel the same about my knowledge or ability to comment. We are all seekers, and because I am an artist and sculptor does not mean I am not Facinated with the papers of current science. Thank you for your time. This has been enlightening. Peace and creativity robert

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