And They Call Them Weeds

A cluster of ox-eyes ready to harvest.

A cluster of ox-eyes ready to harvest.

I just espied a wee bare corner of the South Garden where tomatoes are planted this year, and realized I could squeeze in a few zucchini plants there. So I popped out to put seeds in and noticed a clump of “weeds”. It is amazing how often people pull and toss those weeds. Such a pity and a waste, for this clump was one of my favorites: ox-eye daisy. I pulled it out by the roots then used my folding knife to slice the root cluster away. It hasn’t even blossomed yet. The leaves are dark, tender and taste like carrots and fresh tarragon. Dried, they taste even more like tarragon. So they are great fresh in a salad, a stew or as a preserved spice. I just handed off the bunch for Daphne to do with as she wills.

It also means ox-eye daisy blossoms are not far away, and they are nice pickled. And, that means lamb’s quarter is not far away, and that is one of my most favorite wild vegetables, tasting a lot like broccoli, chard and asparagus. As our gardens become packed with lamb’s quarter in July and need to have it all weeded, it is, in fact, our first major harvest, and we bring it in by the sack. Daphne blanches or pickles all of it for enjoyment later.

And rain is coming! Yes!

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4 thoughts on “And They Call Them Weeds

  1. gosh, i never knew that these were edible and have never eaten pickled flowers. I can’t even imagine what they would taste like. We have these here, i am looking forward to getting to know them better, thank you Cliff!

  2. They are quite nice though our preference is to use them as spice. It’s too cold here for tarragon to flourish, but thanks to ox-eye daisy, it doesn’t need to.

  3. good to know, thank you.

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