Situating the Apiary

apiary small

Top bar hives following the Kenyan design with slanted walls to encourage bee space at the sides of the combs. Other modifications include high gabled roofs to create insulating air space and thick walls for further insulation to help the bees cope with our severe Canadian winters.

I’ve decided to situate the new apiary about 50 yards east of the cottage. This gives the bees close access to our spring-fed pond and the Firefly Brook, and allows them to catch the full sun from dawn til dusk while also keeping them near our gardens and fruit trees. And since we rarely get visitors like raccoons this close to the cottage, they’ll be a little safer, too.  Also, this situates the bees between thousands of acres of wild meadows and forest–nothing monocropped and no pesticides within miles. The only weakness is the occasional strong east and north winds that blow in, but I believe the thickness of the wood used in the hives’ construction will adequately shield the bees.

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