Stalking Maple Syrups

a maple syrup 1

Beware the sneaky maple syrups!

I have to go set snares. I saw a maple syrup lurking through the woods the other day, and we could really use a maple syrup this spring. So, I’ll go set some snares in the hardwoods. I should be able to snare at least one maple syrup, but I bet I can get a dozen of them elusive critters. Daphne likes to boil them down into jars to pour over hot flat bread in the morning. But I’m thinking I should take the shotgun. Don’t want a maple syrup sneaking up on me. God only knows how many people they done et. You gotta be careful when you’re stalking maple syrups!

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2 thoughts on “Stalking Maple Syrups

  1. Dave

    As a little kid we’d hit for the sap camp, late March early April. A huge,to a 4 year old, tank was wedged among “huge” granite boulders. The wood cut two seasons before would be lit, and the wooden hand whittled spiles would be tapped into new drilled holes, brace and bit. 2 qt lard cans would be hung from each. And the daily collection routine started. If copious quanities were flowing sometimes we slept in sleeping bags and blankets in a spruce bow shelter. Warm days, cold nights,FROSTY mornings. Cocoa, pan cakes with maple sap. Sometimes a strip of deer meat bacon, from smoked flank. Sad such a wonderful life style died in so few short years for this thing misassessed as progress.
    My treat for helping would be a qt bottle of first boil maple sap, not even close to syrup yet. Hauled home in pack baskets full of mason jars filled with boiled sap to be boiled on the kitchen stove for syrup,maple cream and stamped Maple Leaf Maple Sugar. My grampy liked to add some ginger to a few bottles of sap, voila ginger ale.
    Last job was to tap a wooden plug whittled from a branch of each tapped tree into the drain holes. They were cut off flush with the trunk and sealed with spruce sap. As I recall there was not an APP for that.

    • That is such a lovely memory. And well said: “Sad such a wonderful life style died in so few short years for this thing misassessed as progress.”

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